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According to a recent research done by a urologist from the Loyola University Medical Center, iced tea can cause kidney stones.

The report notes that, iced tea contains high concentrations of oxalate, a chemical that leads to the development of the disorder that infects one's urinary tract.

“For people who have a tendency to form the most common type of kidney stones, iced tea is one of the worst things to drink,” said Dr. John Milner of Loyola University who performed the research.

Kidney stones are masses of crystals that build up in the kidney or ureter which can be very painful to release from the body.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of kidney stones. Milner urges that people stay away from hydrating with iced tea, and instead drink water. And for those who love their juice, try real lemonade. Milner explained, "lemons are high in citrates" that help to decrease the growth of kidney stones.

Men have a higher chance of getting kidney stones, four times more likely than women, the risks also increase after the age of 40.

Milner also listed other foods to avoid if someone is at risk for kidney stones;including, spinach, chocolate, and nuts because they are also high in oxalates. Also, suggesting those at risk to use less salt, cut-down on meat, and drink more water daily.


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