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Former NFL star, Plaxico Burress is back in trouble again and this time it is with the IRS.

According to reports, Burress owes over $59,000 dollars in backed taxes from 2007 to the state of New York.

The former New York Giants, Steelers, and Jets' player is currently a free agent looking for a spot on a NFL squad.

Burress was once a top-tier wide receiver before shooting himself in the leg at a NYC nightclub and subsequently being arrested for weapons possession and sentenced to 22 months in prison.

He has not released a statement on the report.

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4 thoughts on “Former NFL Star Plaxico Burress Owes the IRS

  1. EdieBlount on said:

    Don’t know the particulars of Plaxico’s case, but often high-earners are ill-advised by the people they hire to handle their finances, and they get left holding the bag. These guys had better take some time and learn something about finance.

  2. Hiawa23 on said:

    I always wonder when these guys get 100 or 90% of their checks does it not don on them that they need to pay taxes?

  3. vjhxxx on said:

    These athletes surround themselves with a plethora of white women, white sports agents, or white attorneys, but always fail to pay the white man! Is it so hard to understand that income from whatever source whether legal or illegal is taxed at ordinary income tax rates.

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