Just in case you missed the hilarious moment, U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte stood atop the Olympic podium dawning a one of a kind all-American grill.

Yes, his mouth was glistening with a bedazzled American flag thanks to a custom creation from rapper Paul Wall and business partner Johnny Dang.

“For him to represent us and our culture, the grill culture, it’s just shining a light on hip-hop in the Olympics,” Wall told XXLMag.com.

“Everyone’s talking about it … it’s just an incredible thing to be part of. I’m just honored to be part of it. There’s not too many world-class swimmers wearing our grill.”

Word is that Lochte was told he would risk not receiving his medal if he put it on, but he was smart and waited until it was in hand to pop it in his mouth.

The grill contains diamonds and red rubies, valued between $15,000 and $25,000.

Lochte has also been linked to reality star K. Michelle. Although, Michelle claims the two are just close friends.

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2 thoughts on “Paul Wall Responsible for Ryan Lochte’s Grill

  1. Khmboo on said:

    it’s amazing how all of this comes back to our culture, and that America has once again invaded hip hop nation. Ready to call us animals and thugs, and ready to cash in on our hair, clothing style and swagger. Unbelievable!!! Remember hip hop/rap was never a problem until white kids started listening. We let Eminem in…and all of a sudden, every white kid in America wants to be in the hiphop nation. And of course that scares white America, because they have no culture to really embrace.

  2. Serpentine11 on said:

    Why is it when an African-American has a grill in his mouth, he’s considered a “thug”, or a “gangsta”, but when this guy Lochte has a grill in his mouth, he’s considered patriotic? Prior to writing this post, I went back and pulled up numerous articles, specifically on Trayvon Martin because he had a pic with a gold grill in his mouth and the majority of comments in the articles were as I stated earlier, that he was a “thug” or a “gangsta” and deserved what he got. Now, here we have a white guy at the Olympics representing the US and not only did he want to wear his diamond and ruby studded grill proudly, but he wanted to wear it on the podium while accepting his gold medal for the world to see. I checked numerous articles and comments posted and didn’t find too many condemning his diamond grill. Should Lochte now be considered a “thug” or “gangsta?
    This has always been the problem in this country. When someone other than white does something out of the norm, it’s frowned upon and condemned, but when someone white turns around and does the same thing, it’s condoned with an explanation.

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