When Israel Houghton, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Sapp combine forces, you can best believe a mighty praise will follow. The four gospel music heavyweights begin a combined tour on September 16th in Phoenix, Arizona, spearheaded by Kirk Frankin, who brought them together and asked Live Nation, the country’s biggest concert promoter to back it. Yet it took a little convincing to launch an all-gospel tour even with four superstars of the genre. Just like getting the concert movie “Kings of Comedy” made some years ago, there were people in the concert business who weren’t sure gospel music was ready for a big-time tour. So this tour becomes a litmus test –if the King’s Men do well, especially in smaller markets, live gospel shows get a big boost.  Franklin hopes to see an all-female tour next. Read on for more about the King’s Men.


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One thought on “TJMS Interviews The King’s Men

  1. silerb on said:

    Interesting how each evaded the questions re: President Obama’s statement about marriage equality and roles that Black ministers are taking — pro and con. The King’s Men have all the makings of politicians! The question re: marriage equality should be better framed. Most of the marriage equality state proposed policies also impact heterosexual couples. Couples will not have rights, such as visiting and making decisions about a hospitalized partner. Marriage equality is not just about homosexual partnerships.

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