Of course the Jackson family drama is just too juicy for a talk shows to pass up. And obviously everybody on them  has an opinion about what’s going on.

Legendary singer Gladys Knight is no different than the rest of us in that department, either. In fact, she was on CBS’ “The Talk” yesterday and weighed in on the subject of Miss Paris Jackson and all the drama she’s the center of.

Things came to a head the other day when Janet reportedly slapped Paris and called her a “spoiled little b*tch.”

Paris then reportedly slapped Janet back and said, “This is our house.  Not the Jackson family house.  Get the f*ck out!”

Well, let’s just say Gladys is from the old school when it comes to handling chillin’ and that would have precipitated another hands on moment, if you get our drift.

Here’s how she put it the audience of “The Talk.”

“It’s drama, that’s what it is. If you lived up under the microscope as this family does, everybody has dysfunctionality in their families, either one way or the other. See, I’m from the south and [we] was raised in that southern way. You have to understand Paris is what, 14? How old is Janet? Who’s the one who tries to direct the other one here? And I would think that it’s a good thing she let’s Paris know who she is. She is a Jackson, she shouldn’t be putting the business out there like that. Cause people read into whatever they want to read into, that’s how they get the drama. So, she’s just trying to protect her, in a way. But if she [Paris] called me that, she wouldn’t have any teeth…You respect your elders.”

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7 thoughts on “Gladys Knight: Paris Wouldn’t Have Any Teeth

  1. vernitahart on said:

    I totally agree, and that will settle that! Lets not forget if MJ hadn;t been married to their mom they would not be in the position they are in now! Look like they are going down the wrong road. Poor Michael is turning over in his grave.

  2. niagaras4me on said:

    While I totally agree with Ms. Gladys, if Janet calling Paris a b**** is true, that’s a total no no, not a way to expect respect.

  3. aqsartin on said:

    Go ‘head Gladys! Now that’s a Black mama for you! We all feel for Michael’s kids in what they’ve had to go through, but it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that Paris and her siblings are headed down the “spoiled rich kid” road. If she’s acting like a b*tch, then she needs to be told she acting like a b*tch. There’s no way in two hells that a 14 year old should be telling a grown ass woman to get the f*ck out of anywhere! That’s part of the problem that these kids have today in that they have no fear of the BELT! Janet definitely let a little bit of that Gary, IN come out of her in slapping Paris; however, she should have finished the job with an old fashioned butt whooping.

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