The in-fighting between En Vogue continues! After years of revolving members trying to replace Dawn Robinson and the group bringing Robinson back into the fold in 2010 for a 20th anniversary tour and album, the ladies are on the outs again.

Dawn Robinson took to Twitter to announce that fellow member Maxine Jones is no longer with the group, and is instead preparing to tour with her  “new” version of En Vogue.

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10 thoughts on “En Vogue Members Battle It Out on Twitter

  1. Khmboo on said:

    Wow, a big Envogue fan, and we are the same age. I always kept up with their latest fashions, and would copy outfits of theirs when going out with my group of girls…we called ourselves Envy,lol. If we black women don’t start loving ourselves more, and keeping our eye on our business, we too will be extinct like our black men are slowing becoming. Your fans don’t want to know intimately what’s going on, we just want to be entertained. So U all…ENVOGUE, need to fix this; and move on damn it! The thing that makes us stand out is….EACH OTHER.

  2. Anderson Williams on said:

    Makes you wonder if paying these high prices at the ticket master is really worth it. These ppl get paid great money to perform for our entertainment, yet they can’t even get along outside of the stage. Makes you wonder who is screwing who…

  3. tgn222 on said:

    Why do celebrities like to fight with eachother or air their dirty laundry on twitter?Nobody wants to hear this.

  4. aqsartin on said:

    Ever notice how female groups tend to not stay together for a long time and rarely get back together after they do break up? It’s a shame because En Vogue was one of my favorite groups back in the day.

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