NeNe Leakes is not getting kicked off of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she confirmed.

Let’s just be real. What would the reality show be without its number one star. Rumors began to spread that she was fired from the show because she was acting like a diva with the production team and got into a physical fight with Kandi Burruss while shooting season five.

But Leakes says that’s not her style and those stories aren’t true.

"The rumors of me being involved n a physical altercation or possibly being fired from the housewives is NOT TRUE,” NeNe tweeted.

She’s not even focusing much on that anymore and has decided to move on with her life and keep her eye on other opportunities headed her way.

“Defaming a persons character is what some people do best! I have never had a physical altercation on our show,” Leakes stated, “I have so many positive things 2 look forward 2 & i’am n such a great place right now business & personal.”

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One thought on “NeNe Leakes Not Fired from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

  1. you say you have a charity for domestic violence it does not show to me in your actions i would not want no part of your charity until you get true help for your violent ways it just kill me how violence is not looked at as violence when it involve two women on a reality show violence and bullies is what make me sick to my stomach how can men be held on a different level from women (ex chris and chad) but she get movie deal radio appearence and reality show wow this country is so messed up why promote violence period women or men

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