A man and his wife are adding breast-milk to their sexual routine.

Jeff uses his wife Michelle’s breast-milk to treat his erectile dysfunction.  The couple was featured on the season 3 premiere of TLC’s ‘Strange Sex.’

The couple discovered the healing power of Michelle’s breast milk after the birth of their first child, who is now 2 and no longer breast feeling. Michelle is once again producing breast milk for their 8-month-old son.

Jeff said that he drinks his wife’s breast-milk straight from her breasts. He explained that it quickly alleviates his symptoms. The couple admits that they find the process erotically stimulating. 

Despite their new-found sex vice, they said that their children always receive priority access to the breast milk.

The couple originally applied to be featured on the show’s concept of vampirism.

Vampirism is "exactly what it sounds like," Jeff said, "I do not need blood for sustenance."

Michelle described the bites to “essentially be like a scraped knee.” When Michelle started breastfeeding again, they had to stop practicing vampirism since her breasts were their targeted area. As another option, the two decided to experiment with Jeff breastfeeding.

They said their first application centered on vampirism was originally rejected by TLC. They later reapplied focusing on breastfeeding and were welcomed on the show.  

Jeff said that his goal of being on the show is to demonstrate that men can find a cure to ED by experimenting new techniques with their partners.

He does admit that the breast feeding has not completely cured his ED. But, he would continue it to lessen the severity of his symptoms.

Jeff said he will still be satisfied when his wife can no longer breastfeed.

"We'll just go back to vampirism," he said.

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