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chris-brown-snake-tattooWhy is it that today’s leading black celebrities are so obsessed with Illuminati-like symbols? or is it that they are just addicted to using the symbols to evoke the media’s interest and response?

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Chris Brown is the latest artist to inadvertently associate himself with the infamous group. His most recent addition to his ink family, a portrait of a slithering serpent with a tail made of a red pyramid and eye, clearly places Brown in the center of the Illuminati territory.

The all-seeing eye is the most prevalent image affiliated with the Illuminati. It can also be found on the back of the dollar bill.all seeing eye

If Chris isn’t down with the “cult,” he sure wants us to believe he’s a member!

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Chris Brown Debuts New Snake Tattoo With Illuminati Symbol? [PHOTO] was originally published on therussparrmorningshow.com

2 thoughts on “Chris Brown Debuts New Snake Tattoo With Illuminati Symbol? [PHOTO]

  1. I am no Chris Brown fan. Knowing his image there is probably very little deep insight in much that he does.

    My problem with the article is the assumption that the symbols used originated with or belong to the “Illuminati”. The All-Seeing-Eye, pyrimads, serpents are not inherently evil or satanic. These are symbols used by the Original Man and Woman across the globe. These very symbols or equivalents are found in Asia, India, America, the Isles of the Pacific, and were used by our people for millineum. Why credit thieves/usurpers who only corrupt and misrepresent the true meaning of our cultural images?

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