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Vice President Joe Biden Thursday gave a raucous rebuke of likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s NAACP speech, defending the health care law and warning that a Romney White House would be a threat to civil rights and voting rights.

Biden reeled off President Barack Obama’s first-term accomplishments, from killing Osama bin Laden to approving and equal pay provision for women to the health care law, as attendees of the Houston convention roared in approval.

“He passed the Affordable Care Act, a goal strived for by presidents since Teddy Roosevelt,” Biden said. “It required him early on to use up almost all of his political capital. He prevailed where no president had done before.”

Romney told the NAACP convention Wednesday that if he’s elected president he would repeal Obamacare. His promise triggered long and loud booing from a convention hall full of black people.

“He insulted the NAACP by talking about Obamacare and charter schools,” said Deborah Raymond, a retired California teacher told reporters. “Biden gave us hope and inspiration to vote for Obama in November. Biden lit it up.”

Biden said Obama has been able to accomplish much despite overwhelming resistance from congressional Republicans.

“Their discipline was amazing,” he said. “They never let up. But neither has my guy, neither has Barack Obama. He hasn’t given up.”

Biden said a Romney presidency would be a return to 1950s-style domestic policy and a Cold War-era foreign policy. He asked conventioneers to envision what the Justice Department and Supreme Court would look like under the former Massachusetts governor.

“Remember what this at its core was all about, why this organization at its core was all about,” he said. “It was about the franchise. It was about the right to vote. Because when you have the right to vote, you have the right to change things.”


Biden noted that most Republicans support photo identification and other voter-access measures that have been passed in more than a dozen GOP-controlled states in time for November’s election.

The NAACP, and other groups, feel the laws are efforts to suppress the votes of blacks, Hispanics and others.

“ …We see a future where those rights are expanded not diminished,” Biden said, “where racial profiling is a thing of the past, where access to the ballot is expanded and unencumbered…They see a different future where voting is made harder, not easier.”

Romney made no mention of the voting law controversy in his speech Wednesday. His campaign said it wasn’t impressed with the vice president’s remarks.

“The Black American community has struggled with high unemployment under President Obama and Vice President Biden’s speech today offered no new ideas or solutions,” Tara Wall, an adviser for Romney’s campaign, said in a statement. “Mitt Romney will enact policies that will lower taxes, encourage small business hiring, reform our education system, and give all Americans an opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

Biden addressed the NAACP after the White House said last week that Obama would be unable to attend the Houston conference. Some convention attendees and black leaders argued that Obama should have gone to the convention.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday that Obama isn’t taking black voters for granted. Obama delivered regrets and remarks to the convention via video Thursday.

But the affable Biden proved to be more than enough. He talked about his life-long NAACP membership and acknowledged that black voters “brought me to the dance” by helping him get elected to the Senate and the vice presidency.

The only time Biden got jeered Thursday was when he said “Let me close,” a signal that his speech was about to end.


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15 thoughts on “No Obama? No Problem

  1. Myecon123 on said:

    First just let me say up front that I have been voting as a democrat for the pass 38 years. I have a question that I hope some informed readers can answer. My question is as follows: What bill pushed by the Bush administration and passed by the congress with dem. and rep. votes that caused 800,000 jobs to be lost at the end of the Bush administration? And if I am not mistaken didn’t the democrats controll congress the last two years of the Bush administration? If I am correct then why did they pass a bill that would cause 800,000 american jobs to be lost? Why dosen’t anyone ask the democrats this question most of them are still there.

  2. hoodtechiee on said:

    This is why the naacp cannot be taken seriously. They provide 97% of the vote for this president and this is how he shows his gratitude. Complete and utter disrespect toward the black community and then have the nerve to send this clown surrogate to speak to them. Our vote is definitely being taken for granted and everybody except us knows it. At least Romney the actual presidential candidate took time out his busy schedule to address them, yet obama has mounds of excuses for not showing up. He can show up in person at $30k dinners in Hollywood but can’t even show up to speak to his own people, and we sit back an except this treatment. I am embarrassed for black people but especially the naacp because it shows just how irrelevant they have become for all in this nation to see. We as a people have truly been underserved and are in desperate need for a true leader.Dr.King must be rolling over in his grave and would be extremely disappointed in what we have for supposedly leadership. Not one member from the cbc, sclc, naacp or concerned black clergy has stepped forward to express their disappointment in the way the president treated the naacp, we are truly a lost people.

  3. gmcbrown on said:

    If you “fact-check,” please tell me who is holding the economy down. I’ll tell you it’s the Tea-bagging Elephants. Also known as the Republican Congress, it’s their “marching orders” via the Speaker of the House. Do your home-work!!!

  4. gmcbrown on said:

    What can you do if the Congress blocks every step the President makes towards improving America? I say re-elect President Obama & replace Congress!!!

  5. cindycruz on said:

    Biden said 600,000 jobs per month… The Obama economy is not producing enough jobs to even keep up with the population growth… jeez 52% unemployemnet rate for recent College Grads might give you a clue. We are going backwards!
    You do realize that out of the last 10 recesions , President Obamas recovery ranks 10 th in GDP and job growth. Thats last place!

  6. Diana7579 on said:

    cindycruz as for idiot , the name boomerang to the one who uses it. I think President Obama did crank out more than 600,00 jobs in spite of the lost of over 800,000 jobs per month of the predecessor, yes GWB is still the reason for the recession. Also in spite of a Congress screaming “our goal is to make President Obama a one term President” jobs are being created, it is so called unpatriotic Americans, who want American people to struggle, just to prove a vain point “The man in the WH is just another stereotypical Negro” Gracefully, he has stood taller than ever, and he will get that 2nd term, I betcha by golly!

  7. Diana7579 on said:

    Obviously you are a…HATER!! Unemployment for ethnic youth groups HAS ALWAYS been high, it is just now every critic want to have their butt crack voice heard as if the concern of ethnic youth group employment is of importance. GHB, GWB, Bill Clinton and the other 40 some presidents didn’t mention anything of ethnic groups, now since as you say the first AA president, correction, he is Biracial, he is as much a Caucasian as an,American Negro, (which I think is an insult to many Africans, since the American Negro has the culture of the European). Mitt Romney again will go along with the other Caucasian presidents, have a policy in place for the URBAN citizens, even my SPED students are familiar with the term URBAN.

  8. tgn222 on said:

    DUKODY1…If every black person thought as you do,we would deserve whatever we’d get,and that’s Oblivion!Are you insane or what?Are you suggesting that we vote for Romney instead or are you suggesting that we not get out and vote?If anybody is a joke is you.And if you think that black people are that STUPID to listen to your non-sense then you are in need of a head shrink Mr. white supremist.

  9. cindycruz on said:

    Keep telling yourself I dont state facts. Perhaps thats your way of rationalizing this pitiful economy we are in.You can fact check any statement I make about the economy and you will find NO mis-statements. Furthermore, I do accounting for small business’s including our family resterant business….. and things are DOWN and they are getting worse.

  10. Serpentine11 on said:

    @Diana, disregard CCruz. She’s the mouth piece for the GOP. She ALWAYS acts like she’s for President Obama, but at the same time, throwing jabs at him. She’s the kind of person, “with friends like that, who needs enemies.” She uses scare tactics, no facts. No one is really listening/paying attention to her. No one. She’s so played out, it’s not funny. Too bad some of the regular posters on here, that know her and her M. O. very well aren’t on here to shut her down again, and she knows it. It’s so obvious she isn’t for President Obama. She used to spout off at the mouth saying she’s not going to vote for him. Okay, that’s fine, then keep it moving. But after 3 1/2 years, she’s still here and still talking stupid. She’s a non-issue and her opinion doesn’t matter, at least not here, yet she continues to spout nonsense.

  11. Diana7579 on said:

    @cindycruz, wow! you sound like a recorded version of the GOP brainwashing ad. 600,000 jobs a month would mean every person including underage, seniors and disabled citizens will be employed, which are the real numbers of people who are unemployed. 52% college graduates unemployed are because of their ideas of since they have a piece of documentation they should have a job. I have known of not one president who is responsble for people getting a job, all this crap about debt ceiling small business corporation and the job creators is a big LIE!! people who will work will either create a job or begin working at intro level employment and advance to the level they are able to work. I wouldn’t hire any one who is a complainer, a liar, and especially those who blame others for their lack of competence. Your thoughts on going backwards, is a scare tactic, as well as a lie and you have the mind of a very negative unpatriotic American, which ideas led us into the recession, not President Obama, by the ay do you have a job? I have one, and I know people who don’t have a job, and they are not looking for a job they are just complaining right now because the Tbaggers and the Repugs want to have a sounding board to cover up the real deal and that is President Obama is BIRACIAL and why should he be successful when they are not.

  12. Hiawa23 on said:

    Really enjoyed Biden’s address. Romney could care less about the black community, & it seems to me he intentionally wanted to get the boos so he could come back to his supporters and say look at what they did. Seems, Biden told it like it was. No way could I vote for him(Romney). I am not a believer of any religion but I certainly can’t get with the Mormon beliefs especially how they view blacks, & Romney is apart of that. The guy seems to lie left and right, I have no idea what he stands for, as he flip flops a lot.

  13. cindycruz on said:

    This is the same guy that told us that we would be cranking out 600,000 jobs a month… 3 years ago. Biden is an economic moron.

    Some people surround themselves with idiots just to make themselves look good. lets hope this was not the reason our President selected a idiot for #2.

  14. DUKODY1 on said:

    Joe Biden is a Joke. Who in America pays any attention to Cynical Joe. No one but the naacp. They have to get attention somewhere. Their so-called first Black POTUS Obama is in Virginia campaigning with folks that matter. NAACP and it’s so-called Black leaders have Failed Black Americans. If Mitt Romney was in the White House with an 14.4% unemployment rate and 50% rate for Black youths, Ben Jealous, Bonds, Nutter and Al “The Pimp” Sharpton would be marching on the steps of the White House daily on TV. Obama is a Politician Black folks, you have no representation from these so-called Black leaders because they are cowards. Afraid to embarrass Obama, but not afraid to see Black Americans last in life, in everything folks. Last with their so-called Black President running the country. Obama has Failed Black America. Wake Up Black People and think for yourselves and your family and kids. Forget Obama, He sure in the Hell has forgotten about you.

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