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Special Prosecutor Angela Corey has just released another round of evidence in her second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman. The report includes a first look at what FBI agents have turned up in their civil rights investigation.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, at least 10 FBI agents have prepared reports. Among those interviewed by the FBI were several gun shop owners and range operators, including the owner of Shoot Straight, a local chain of gun ranges.The owner was interviewed because George Zimmerman bought the gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin from a Shoot Straight store.

Also released are Zimmerman's seven calls to the Sanford Police Department, emails of Zimmerman and former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, and 21 civilian unidentified witness accounts.

The documents released offer a description by police officers right after the fatal shooting in a gated community in Sanford, Fla., a suburb of Orlando. One of the first police officers at the scene used a plastic bag to try to stop the flow of blood from Martin's chest wound.

A neighbor who heard shouts outside her townhome told an investigator that "the bigger" of the two men got up after she heard moans for help and then a gunshot. She told the investigator that the lead detective for Sanford police investigating the case had told her, in an attempt to comfort her during an interview, that the person who had been moaning for help was alive and that he was "really beaten up and scratched."

Who cried for help is a point of contention. Martin's family claim it is their son in background of 911 calls neighbors made, but Zimmerman's father has said the shouts for help were his son.

Martin's cousin, in an interview with the investigator, said "without a doubt 'on a stack of Bibles'" that the cries were those of Martin.

Some of the officers who responded to the scene recognized Zimmerman from previous calls he had made to police about break-ins and the thefts in the gated community.


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