So now, I’m seeing the Mitt Romney signs go up –and one that especially sticks with me is the one that says “Believe in America.”


If ever there was a sign with racist code and rank hypocrisy rolled into one phrase, that one is it.

That slogan resonates with people who believe that to choose President Obama, a Christian black guy with an Arabic middle name over Romney, the white Mormon, is to discard what America is supposed to stand for; which in their mind is a country where white men are supposed to be leaders and black men are supposed to be lackeys.

Yet from what I’ve been able to tell so far, if anyone stands out as a symbol of disbelief in America, it’s Romney.

If the presumptive Republican presidential nominee truly believed in America, he wouldn’t be stashing his money in overseas bank accounts to avoid paying taxes that the middle class Americans whose votes he’s seeking have to pay.

If he believed in America, he wouldn’t have advocated that General Motors and Chrysler, pillars of the U.S. automobile industry, be allowed to go bankrupt.

And if he truly believed in America, he’d come clean about his finances and trust Americans to draw their own conclusions about his wealth.

Yet Romney isn’t having any of that.

Maybe that’s because the meager information that some investigations have revealed might lead people to further scrutinize whether he believes in America.

According to a recent report by Vanity Fair, 55 pages of his 2010 tax return, which he released only after relentless prodding by his GOP opponents, are devoted to reporting transactions with foreign entities.

There’s also a $3 million Swiss bank account, and the tax havens of  Bermuda, Luxembourg, and the Cayman Islands, where Romney and his family have assets, but which bear the tagline, “Value: not disclosed in tax returns.”

Also, according to Vanity Fair, Romney and his wife, Ann, paid $6.2 million in federal taxes on $42 million in income. That means they paid an average tax rate lower than 15 percent, which is less than what most middle class taxpayers pay.

So then, how can Romney muster the nerve to campaign under the slogan, “Believe in America,” when it’s clear that, at least when it comes to his money and to him paying the taxes that are necessary to keep the streets paved and the U.S. functioning above Third World level, he obviously doesn’t believe in it?

He can, because he’s counting on people, especially white people in the poorest red states, to vote on fear.

He’s counting on them to see his penchant for stashing money overseas and being mum about his wealth as a righteous attempt to avoid supporting a federal government they’ve hated since the Civil War and the 1960s.

He’s also counting on people to vote their frustrations; with the unemployment rate still unacceptably high at 8.2 percent, many will vote for change for the sake of change.

And Romney, as well as the Republican operatives behind him, are hoping that those who are duped by his “Believe in America,” slogan will show up at the polls in greater numbers than black people who may be frustrated by a 14.2 percent unemployment rate and efforts to suppress their vote.

I hope that doesn’t happen.

Now I don’t have a problem with Romney being wealthy. But I do have a problem with him apparently hiding his money in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes in the nation that made it possible for him to become a rich man.


Those aren’t the actions of someone who sees America as a place to believe in, but as a land of loopholes to be exploited.

It’s too bad that some folks will vote for Romney because of his whiteness, or out of their own frustrations – before realizing that.

Tonyaa Weathersbee is an award-winning columnist based in Jacksonville, Fla. Follow her at tonyaajw@twitter.


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10 thoughts on “Romney Slogan is Pure Hyprocrisy

  1. gwanedm on said:

    Why is Romney’s wealth an issue and the wealth of any of the democrats isn’t? Did you know that John Kerry is far more richer than Romney is? Obama is rich as well. If the IRS doesn’t have an issue with his taxes then why should we? It seems to me that the person who wrote this article Tonyaa Weathersbee has a deep seated hatred and distrust for anyone who is a Republican or identifies themself as being a conseervative and only trust those who are liberal Democrats. I think that doing that is hyprocrisy!!!

  2. rhemasplace on said:

    So now you can look at a tax return and determine a person’s character? WOW! A tax return does not prove that mitt could change the country’s current economic status. Everything that he has said he would do relates right back to GWB and you know where that got the country. But it’s fine because as long as it’s not Obama, everything is okay. Anyone who goes against their own self interest deserves everything and more that comes their way! I am so glad that I lean and depend only on the One who truly has my best interest at heart and that is the Good Lord Himself, Jesus Christ. Through any and everything that happens, my family, friends, and I are blessed and will continue to be blessed!

  3. rhemasplace on said:

    You keep saying that you are stating facts but you never state where your facts come from…and I didn’t know we were playing a game…so I guess tag you’re it or you lose???? LOL

  4. rhemasplace on said:

    Oooh I see feathers are ruffled! How do you know he doesn’t only like rich people? Apparently I don’t get my stuff from the same place you get yours. As a matter of fact where do you come up with your stuff? I would give away millions and millions too if I had millions and millions stashed away somewhere. You do realize that Romney turns right around and claim them as tax deductions. Oh I’m sorry, he won’t produce any tax statements! This man will tell a lie on his mother and sell her soul if he thinks it will help him get elected. He has no character, morals or standards. He is a puppet waiting for someone to pull his strings. So, I will say this and be done with this discussion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You have yours, I have mine, and the next person has theirs. Peace out!

  5. cindycruz on said:

    How do you know Romney only likes the rich? Where do you come up with that stuff?!?!
    You do realize that Romney gives away millions and millions to charity while our President gave away a few thousand and Biden gave away a wopping $332 to charity.

  6. rhemasplace on said:

    This article is spot on. Wow! The things that people say and do all because of their hatred for this President is beyond belief. I guess people think that Romney will do a better job than Obama? I think not! Romney does not like anyone who is not rich. He is prejudice towards poor people. He does not like black, white, asian, mexican, hispanic, or latino UNLESS YOU’RE RICH!!! Romney is looking out for him and his rich counterparts. But God clearly says in Proverbs 22:16 “He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.” If republicans take control of the country, you can bet your bottom dollar that this country will never be the same again.

  7. redbone1954 on said:

    Ok vote for “mittens” and live with the consequences or don’t vote at all..The wealth of this man is not an issue for me either becuz I know he is not going to use it to do a damn thing for me or other poeple of color and I am OK with that. But if we don’t give Obama a chance to get out of the mess that the repugnuts got this county into NO ONE will be able to do a thing about the economy.gas prices taxes etc. If “mittens” wins I want to see what everyone has to say about Dems in congress who hold the country hostage becuz the repugnuts cannot stand the fact that 2 men of color have the highest postion in goverment (Obama & Holder). What is the repugnut plan for the country? jobs ,economy health WHAT IS THE PLAN ?????? is there one let;s here it. Personally I am sick of them and lets see what is said if “mittens” win what happens in congress when the dems holds this country hostage becuz they are REALLY the problem IMO

  8. cindycruz on said:

    I wonder why Tonyaa didnt mention:
    1. The President outsourced $36 Billion of Taxpayer money to Mexico,Brazil,DenmarkFinland…
    2. Out of 10 recoveries from WW2, President Obamas recovery is coming in 10th place (Last place) The worst recovery ever
    3. Real unemployement rate has increased to almost 16%. AA and Latino Teen unemployement exceeds 50%!
    4. AA and Hispanic Net Worth has plunged 56% under President Obamas
    5. The economy is getting worse… The US is sliding right back into another recession
    For more information go to

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