According to the Entertainment on Today blog, Chris Rock has upset some white people with a 4th of July tweet:

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

It didn’t seem all that bad to us, but this is how some people responded:

“Good one! I bet your Guatemalan house staff got a good chuckle,” tweeted David Burge,

Then there’s Jeff Schreiber, managing editor of libertarian-conservative blog America’s Right, who tweeted:

“Slavery existed for 2000yrs before America. We eradicated it in 100yrs. We now have a black POTUS. ‪#Go( (expletive) Yourself.” Schreiberlater followed up with, “I’m not saying we’re blameless for that horrid practice, but for @chrisrock to indict the US as he did is inappropriate at best.”

Actor Don Cheadle had Rock’s back when he retweeted Chris’ message with a simple “Haha.” But that only added Cheadle to some Twitter user’s enemies lists.

Cheadle later jumped into the Twitter fray, debating the comment with others. “Where exactly is the bigotry in that joke? Who is the victim? 18th century whites?” Cheadle wrote in a later tweet.

Actor Zach Braff also joined the fray, tweeting, “Slaves weren’t freed for another 90 years. So maybe just enjoy some of the fireworks…”

Then things got political. Bradford Jones tweeted back at Rock and Braf with: “u bashed July4th as “White peoples independence day.” Know who gave u urs? Republicans. ur welcome.”

Apparently Rock could care less about the digital dust up. His next tweet was about a potential New York Knicks trade. But one reader found a connection even there. Lincolntf wrote to Rock, “White men trading black men amuses you these days, eh?”

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5 thoughts on “Chris Rock’s ‘Independence Day’ Tweet Ticks off People

  1. ronjula on said:

    liked him in movies, liked him on stage, but now he’s making funny about those who endured a time when they were sold, beaten, and hung, is not funny. another thing where was he when we marched in Atlanta, Alabama, Mississippi, and other parts of the Country for Rights he’s taken advanced of?

  2. BigBlackW on said:

    I agree with BBR. American slavery was NO JOKE and should not be joked about…………………………………..

  3. jimmyg on said:

    Come on folks,Chris was telling the truth.I grew up in Philly I learned early that on July 4,1776,fireworks were exploding,and folks were celebrating the independence of a new country,and the citizens would be given liberty and their pursuit of happiness,because all men were created equal.Except black folks who were created to serve their white masters,from birth to death and generations after that.Chris I undersstand Podna.Things have changed for us big time.
    Thanks to that grace and mercy of God.

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