"Basketball Wives" star Shaunie O'neal and boyfriend model Marlon Yates, have almost 12 years between them but the couple has lasted for over two years together.

However, rumors are exploding across the web that the young, hot model may be cheating on the reality star with another younger and fellow "Basketball wife" Draya Michelle of "Basketball Wives: LA."

Over the weekend, the duo was caught sending cryptic tweets between each other. The tweets were quickly deleted but not before people were able to catch a glimpse of their interaction including Michele being "mad" about one of Yates Tweets.

He tweeted, " I Love My Women" and in response, Michele tweeted "#Thingsamansay." She goes on to question Yates, tweeting;"marlon I'm confused. What am I mad about?" then in response to Yates, "lol.No I'm chilling. Impatient. if anything. Never Mad."

Michele has been linked to many stars including ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Shannon Brown, Diddy, and more. Is Michele nabbing reality Tv's favorite cougar's cub next?

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One thought on “Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend Cheating with Reality Star?

  1. sandra floyd on said:

    shaunie you know you are too old for that young man, and you have too many kids to with a guy that young get your equal you just a bed make. he’s nott ready for a woman like you you have too many kids to be dateing a guy that young. he be looking at your daugter next.

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