Dear Tom,

Deborah Kent is not my mother but I have known her my entire life. Our parents knew each other in college and we grew up together and we still stay in touch.

Deborah is a proud graduate of Kentucky State. While she was in college, she took a job at general motors where she remained for 31-and-a-half-years until she retired in 2009 – needless to say, she drives American.

Now that she is retired, she is busier than she ever: she sits on the board of her neighborhood association; she is financial officer of the delta sigma theta chapter of over 700 women; she plays tennis; and is in the process of converting her favorite records from analog vinyl into digital mp3 using a u.s.b. turntable.

Deborah also has a knack for stepping forward when people are making their final transitions in life. i have watched her bath, feed, read to, comfort and stay with many folks – family or not – in their most challenging hours of need, with no recognition and no expectation of recognition.

She recently took up genealogy and for years, she has been tracing her family’s roots but she has reached a dead end that requires a trip to the records office in Brent, Alabama – Bibb County.


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