Dear Tom,

My eighteen year-old daughter, mia  lives with sickle cell disease and is a high school senior, who will be graduating this Saturday, June 2nd.  This is an unbelievable accomplishment for her, because her sickle cell pain can leave her hospitalized and in bed for weeks or months at a time.   yet, my brave daughter—who i am proud of—managed to graduate on time and stay on the honor roll.    She has even started an organization dedicated to empowering other teen girls with sickle cell disease to shine.   It is called, je t'aime, which is French for i love you.


Mia is headed to college and desperately wants a mac book laptop computer before she starts. I was so hoping to get her one as her high school graduation gift. but, i am a single—stay at home mother of two girls—one with sickle cell and one with a form of autism called Asperger’s. With all the therapists and doctor's appointments for my daughters and supporting a household on a limited income—i simply cannot afford to get her one.


Tom, if anyone in the world deserves a Christmas wish, it is mia.  She tries so hard to follow her dreams and she is doing a great job at fulfilling them. But, she is feeling stressed about starting college without the proper tools to succeed and that constant worry often triggers a sickle cell pain crisis.   it is my Christmas wish to get Mia the notebook she wants to ease her anxiety about going to college and allow her more freedom to concentrate on her studies and dedicate her time to helping others with sickle cell disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read Mia's story,

Hope Wright



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