A North Carolina teacher was suspended with pay after telling a student he could be arrested for criticizing President Obama.

Tanya Dixon-Neely made these comments during a classroom discussion at North Rowan High School as the students compared the Commander-In-Chief with Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

A cell phone video of the heated debate went viral this weekend and school officials immediately begin investigating the incident.

The video did not include audio of the discussion.

When discussing Mitt Romney’s bullying behavior, the student pointed out that President Obama also admitted to bullying someone. After the student’s comment, Dixon-Neely told the class that they could be arrested for criticizing the President. She emphasized her position by saying critics of President George W. Bush have been subject to arrest.

“As a social studies teacher, I cannot allow you to slander any President in here. Past or current,” said Dixon-Neely.

The Rowan Salisbury School System issued the following statement regarding the matter:

“All students and employees must be respectful in the school environment and for all teachers to maintain their professionalism in the classroom. This incident should serve as an education for all teachers to stop and reflect on their interaction with students. Due to personnel and student confidentiality, we cannot discuss the matter publicly.”

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