Most working mamas everywhere have to travel from time to time. And unlike our male counterparts, in most cases, not only do we have to get ourselves on track; we have to make arrangements for our men and/or our assistants to do all that we do while we’re gone – line up homework assignments, drop-offs and pick-ups from school, after-school care, practices, rehearsals, spelling tests, lunches and clothes … board our pets, make sure things back at work will run smoothly – and then worry about all the things we forgot to take care of!

By the time we’re on the plane, we take a sigh of relief so huge, its sheer force could send the jet down the runway. And this is no ordinary in-and-out business spree. This 18-city Census Tour is a road trip on steroids, Red Bull and a grande mocha latte with a double shot of expresso. Share the ride with me … if you can hang!

Saturday, April 17

Yesterday, we were in Baltimore on the very last day of the Census Tour. It’s been real. Really. It was so cool being on the road from city to city, meeting our real fans – the soldiers who get up early and come out before work, before school, before “The View” – to show their support for the importance of the Census and to show their love to the TJMS.

From Detroit to Dallas, to Houston, to Shreveport, to Baton Rouge, to Birmingham, to Atlanta, to Savannah, to Orlando, to Miami, to Columbia, to Charlotte, to Raleigh. to D.C. and to Baltimore – I’ve seen A LOT. But mostly, it’s a reminder of why I am so proud of Tom and his commitment to making Black America better. In fact, we are in the trailer right now waiting for Tom to start moderating the “Measuring the Movement” panel at the National Action Network conference. So, we are in the middle of Harlem – on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard – trying to find solutions to problems plaguing Black America.

Check out Tom, along with Rev. Al Sharpton, Roland Martin, Jeff Johnson, Ben Jealous and more on TV One’s live broadcast of “Measuring the Movement” at 11 a.m. EST, and you can join the Fly Jock at his live blog party 15 minutes prior to the broadcast. And if you miss it, MSNBC is running it on Sunday, and I am sure that TV One will rebroadcast it several times in the near future.

Friday night, we continued on to New Orleans, and it was all about the women at “Girl’s Night Out” at Home Depot. Even if you didn’t get a chance to make it out, you and your sisters need to get together somewhere to bond, vent, gossip, cry, laugh – whatever is called for. We need that. There’s nothing better or more comforting than to realize that you’re not sailing alone, that no matter what the issue, there’s someone else in the boat with you. It’s all about love, trust and a sense of knowing that someone has your back.

Which brings me to latest news from the Larry King camp. We found out yesterday that not only has he been cheating on his wife; he’s been cheating with his wife’s sister. Hold up! If you have a close friend, a cousin, but especially a sister, there is – or should be – a rule about what’s taboo and what isn’t. So as doggish as Larry King is, and as guilty as he is in this situation, his wife’s sister is 10 times guiltier from my viewpoint. I don’t care what the man has to offer. I don’t care what kind of good game he talks. I don’t care if it’s Larry King, Dexter King or Rodney King. Just thinking about sleeping with your sister’s husband is wrong – but doing it? I haven’t even seen anybody stoop that low in a Tyler Perry movie. It’s the kind of thing that even if I saw in a movie, I’d be like, come on now. That’s a stretch.

So, you tell me whether I’m being naïve or not. Have you slept with your sister’s man, or do you know any woman who has? If it’s you, please don’t leave your name and number because I may be tempted to call you to find out how you could break such a cardinal rule. In the meantime, you and the girlfriends who are still speaking to you should hook up tonight and toast to whatever it is that’s still holding your friendship together, in spite of your unsisterly transgression. Even you deserve “Girl’s Night Out.”

I will be heading back to Dallas soonafter the conference, and it will be back to business, so to speak. But some things have changed, as they always do when you mix passion and purpose – all in the name of making a difference!

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