Okay, here’s the rule: Every man gets one chance to blow a fortune, one chance to cry in front of his woman and one chance to write a letter to another dude.

I’ve done the first. I might have done the second. And here goes the third.


I was thinking about coming on your show to apologize for having your ex-wife, Mary, on the TJMS, but I knew that would upset at least 60 of the 106 radio stations that carry the show. So, I hope this letter/blog will do. At some point soon, I hope we can get together to hug it up. We are Omega men, where “friendship is essential to the soul.” We are Q Psi Phi ’til the day we die! I feel a hop coming on. Give me some “Atomic Dog” right here.

I realize now that I made a big mistake. I heard it from everyone – from high-ranking political icons to Huggy Lowdown. Male, female, old, young, black, white … almost no one thought it was the right thing to do.

I honestly thought I could be “black ‘Dr.Phil.'” I really hated to see you two become fodder for mainstream media. If you heard the interview I conducted with Mary, then you know, I didn’t bring her on to – nor did I allow her to – trash you. Yes, she had negative things to say, but nothing that she hadn’t already said publicly or that you hadn’t already publicly denied. What I didn’t anticipate – and should have – was how much of what was said apparently had no truth to it. You tried to tell me, but I thought if I stayed neutral, I could allow Mary to at least represent her side.

Knowing that a large number of our female audience could relate to being divorced and angry about things not turning out they way they thought they would, I ultimately thought having her on would be good for everyone — well, maybe not necessarily you, but I sure wasn’t doing it to hurt you in any way. And it didn’t hurt you. It pissed you off – rightfully so – but it didn’t hurt you.

So, will I promise that I will never have Mary on the show again? Can’t promise that. What I will promise is that I know my limitations. I’m over trying to be a counselor, therapist or life coach. I’m back to being a DJ … and a frat.



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