It Is What It Is

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I received an email from a friend the other day. In his short opening paragraph, he said, “Guess I want to know whether or not I’m the only one feeling like things are challenging these days for the whole … is it just me? Ever feel like ‘This can’t be it?’ That there has to be more happiness shortly coming? Guess I’m kinda feeling like this is as good as it gets. I know I’m wrong, but?”

My response was even shorter. “If you know you’re wrong, then what’s the ‘but’ for?”

Sounds a bit harsh, and I admit I was a bit cranky, but I guess it was my form of a reality check. In my mind’s weird way of working at any given moment, it is as good as it gets. It may not be the way you want it or the way you think it should be, but at that particular point in time, it really is as good as it gets. And if you don’t feel things are the way you desire them to be, ask yourself a question: Are you doing the best that you can?

Stop and really think about it. How many times do you take on a project or get into something and really give it your best? Do you often just skate by, only giving a percentage of your skill, effort and energy? How often do you really try to be your best and wish the best for others – even those you’ve just met?

My fifth-grade teacher used to say it all the time: “All I expect is for you to do your best because, at the end of the day, that’s really all you can do.” And it is now what I tell my children.

In a perfect world, everyone would put their best foot forward every single day. Think about how different things would be. But in reality, most people don’t always put their best foot forward unless they really have to. Most don’t try to be their best, and a large number don’t always wish the best for other people.

But if you forced yourself to perform at your best and wished the best for your fellow man at all times, you would simply get the best in return.

By being at your best, you attract and meet positive, supportive people who respect you, enjoy your company and give you the best they have to offer.

The other day, I was at a grovery story waiting in line, and I noticed how engaging the checker was. She smiled genuinely and had a real conversation with every single person who came before her. Every customer left laughing. I don’t know what her aspirations in life were, but she is truly doing her best at the job she has. Because she’s doing her best, she probably feels good about her situation, and she certainly is making her customers — and, no doubt, her employers — happy.

A lot of people would turn their noses up at being a grocery store checker, and they are missing the point. This young lady has made the best of her situation. And it has paid off.

Instead of bogging out kids down with seeking careers we think are prestigious — doctors, lawyers, professional athletes — why not remind them that we want them to seek happiness, bring joy to others and to do their best, no matter what their profession is.

If you can tell them with a straight face that their art work is a masterpiece, why can’t you, as a loving parent, be honest enough to let your children know that if they never achieve their dream jobs, they can still be happy with their circumstances if they’re putting their all into the jobs they have?

By being your best, you attract the best in every situation. You attract the best outcomes. And you attract the right people.


Because when you are at your best, you exude the right energy that draws the best people and situations to help you achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

This means that you don’t get caught up in what other people think about you. You don’t get caught up in success the way the society defines it. Instead, you focus on being the best possible person you can.

Let’s face it: You simply won’t be able to please all of the people all of the time. So don’t waste time and energy trying to please everybody. Focus on being your best, and you’ll attract the best.

Start by focusing on what you like about yourself. Think of all the positive qualities that you have, and every day, compliment yourself for the positive qualities that you have. When you do this, you focus on your best qualities, which naturally pushes you to be your best.

You are a unique human being. There’s no one else like you — no one! — and that automatically makes you the best.

Now, you just have to believe it.