Remember when you were a child and there was a special wish you had for Christmas? The Tom Joyner Morning Show® is making your grown-up dreams come true by granting wishes that will make someone happy throughout the year — not just at Christmas time. Every Wednesday is Christmas! Thanks to McDonalds, each week a Christmas Wish is granted for anything from new carpeting for a church to a wedding for a deserving couple who otherwise would not have a ceremony. Listen now to this week’s Christmas Wish on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. If you have a special wish for yourself, a family member, neighbor, friend or even a stranger, take time to write Tom and tell him about it. One – page Christmas Wish letters can be faxed to (972) 458-1690 or submit it online below! 




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48 thoughts on “Christmas Wish

  1. hi my name is aniyah 15 and my mom,sister, and brother are the only people in my life everyone have left. my mom is sick she has a rare thing called terlifte cyst disease which is a cyst that sits on her nerves and is grows on day it could explode in her back. recently we where kicked out of are house because the owner wanted to sell the house so we became homeless we have been staying in a hotel for a while now my mom is really tired she pushes her self everyday sometimes we don’t have the money to get sometimes my mom goes without eating just so we can eat i pray everyday the one day we will be blesses we have no one on are side and we just need a little help with getting into an new house i will even work for the rest of my life to pay you off but we really do need help i know people go through way worse stuff but i hope tom that you will read this and help out has much you can i don’t want a present and i am not asking for the biggest house the the prettiest i am just asking for a house that we can be stable and live please and thank love aniyah

  2. Monlissa Hayes on said:

    Hi, im Monlissa This the worst 4 years of my life my pancreas, did not work so the put a stent I was always getting g sick they did not know why until the put the stent in the said I had duodenal problem thus was at birth never know about until I was 40 I had many surgeries trying to fix the problem but nothing still pain. Now going to jump until last year in October 23 2016 went to get the sent change and the found pancreatic cancer. I still have not cried or nothing still was in shock. They doctor said you know who Steve Jobs is I said yes he said you have the same cancer as her did it’s a fast aggressive type of cancer. Ok I go for more test for about 5months blood work every thing they had medical meeting on should I get the surgery. So final after 19 meeting I was a candidate for the Whipple surgery. They remove 1/3 of my pancreas 1/3 of my small intestine 1/3 of my stomach and the gallbladder I’m still shocked that I made it because I was in a coma. Than things got horrible when I came out found out a friend I trusted mentally abuse my 13 year old daughter treated her wrong I let her use my car she put so many miles she invaded my privacy going through my phone reading text messages that did not pertain to her, shared personal pictures in my phone tell my good friend she’s going to die anys ways she will never know she broke up my relationship with Mark I have been through hell I have one wish to get my car paid off bill are everywhere because of her she did not pay them this happened in April of this year. My daughter I feel so bad because I left her with that person . I want to focus on her sweet 16 in two years. I have no familk that I could count on just friends Pain sucks. Trust me I know. However I am going to try and spin the positive. I can still walk. I can still talk. I can still see. And I can still hear. If you can find can help please my sofas are really old they where given to me I want a fresh start yesterday was 7 months cancer free. I wish I could attached pictures what I’m looking for is a black or brown sectional. If you can’t donate I understand.
    626 251 0883

  3. orielle turner on said:

    Hello my name is Orielle I have three little boys one whom is sick I have been out if work for 4 months because of my son complications to type one diabetes he is up and down I can’t get my children nothing for Christmas it’s so sad I don’t even want that day to to come because I don’t want to upset them when there is nothing for them I really need some help not for me but for my children please help my family tom

  4. Votum Futurus Repletus on said:

    Hey all, my name is Julia, and I can’t seem to get my feet back under me.
    Allow me to let you in on a few details of how 2016 has been for me:
    I recieved a marriage proposal from a Jared Freeman on December 23rd, 2015.
    That engagement ended February 16th, 2016, when he left me with only half of my belongings, none of my money (negative almost $1,000, in fact), none of my stomach medication, and he stole my dad’s credit card and truck.
    Needless to say, I was devestated. He left one morning to get us breakfast and kissed me goodbye as if he would be right back. I have not seen him since.

    January 21st, 2016, the trial -in which I was the victim- finished for the second time, as the first was a mistrial (lasting the better part of 2015). I was on the stand for 3 1/2 hours or so, in both trials. Finally, the defendant was found guilty on all charges, and sentencing was scheduled for April 22nd. In April, the 2+ year court process was pretty much over. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for what he did to me.
    In May, I guess you could say I got overwhelmed. I broke down. I cut most of my hair off, and proceeded to gain 80lbs in the next 6 months. For my birthday, also in May, I got a tattoo reminding me that I don’t want to commit suicide.
    In June, I moved out of my apartment for financial reasons, and stayed with a friend for the next 2.5 months, while I tried to “get back on my feet.” I still owe him big-time.
    September was and always is really hard for me, as I had a boyfriend severely injure himself in that month when I was in my teens. However. that jump-started me back up with therapy again, and I started to improve.
    By October, things were looking up. I got an apartment with my sister (with the help of a personal loan), a new job, and recently purchased (with a loan from a friend) a reliable vehicle.
    Now. Like most people I meet, I have medicaid. In early November, I reached the peak of how much a person can make per month and still qualify for the program. (A whopping $1,304/mo is too much, if you’re wondering.) I was already struggling to shower, get to work at all, call anyone back, get out of bed, anything that required effort, etc. This idea that I might lose my medication was the last straw for my stress level, as I am on quite a few medications due to my stomach disorder (gastroparesis) and PTSD (3+ years of a close family friend sexually abusing me as a child), and I cannot afford even one of them without Medicaid. I, again, broke down, and this time, stayed in a psyciatric hospital for just over a week. I was back home November 14th, staring life in its’ ugly face, and ready to tackle anything. I was going to work twice as much, apply for ‘real’ health insurance, and move up in my life.
    On November 16th, two days later, I was attacked in my apartment, starting – among other things – a new beginning of court dates. The man who attacked me worked at the apartment complex, so I’m currently in the process of trying to move out, as I can’t even enter my bedroom anymore. Where I will go, I am not sure. I know I can probably stay with a couple different people, but I need a home, eventually. I need stability. At least I have my truck, right?
    December 11th, Sunday morning just after 7am, I was headed home from working an overnight shift, and hit black ice. My truck – which I tend to live out of; carrying my daily meds, make-up, some clothes, backpack, computer, phone, important paperwork binder, personal effects, etc. – rolled 4 times, finally landing with the drivers’ side on the ground in the dirt and snow. I sustained a concussion, bruised ribs, a severely pulled muscle in my left shoulder, and random bruises and body aches. I’m left feeling grateful that I’m alright, and sad considering my circumstances. I’m out of a home. I’m out of a car. I’m almost out of work. I’m in pain, and I start physical therapy next week.
    I’m not trying to get you to feel bad for me. I want you to know, I will beat this. I will overcome, just like I always do, with or without help. I just.. I’m really struggling to get back to zero. I know there are people who want to help and simply don’t know how. If that is your case, I plead with you.. consider me.
    I need a vehicle. I need clothes that fit. I need food.

  5. Hi.. my name is Debra. I want a Christmas wish for my husband Mark. He’s been disabled for 19,yrs or so. I would like a great vacation for him so he can get outside and enjoy life again. All he seems to do anymore is just sit and read or he’s resting in bed. He feels bad that he can’t support his family anymore and seems to be depressed about it. I’ve been working real hard to take care of our family and can’t seem to ever get to save money to do what I want to do for him. Before all of his happened to him, he’s always been an outside kinda guy. Fishing, hiking, surfing etc. now that is all gone for him. If you can’t do this for him, I’ll understand. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and hopefully my Christmas wish for him will come true. Debra.

  6. Cherise Johnson on said:

    Mr. Joyner,

    My name is Cherise Johnson. And I am 17 years old. I have two brothers, Evan and Dj Johnson, who are both diagnosed with autism. My mother, Melissa Johnson, is a breast and ovarian cancer survivor and is a single mother in college. She’s been doing this by herself since I was four, when my father passed away. (Let me congratulate her, because we ARE a handful, haha)

    I know you have thousands of requests to make people’s wishes come true, but all I want for christmas is for my family to have a decent Christmas. We don’t need anything fancy, but a few gifts for my brothers and my mom would be amazing. See, just yesterday, our car broke down. And no matter how many parts we replace, it won’t start. My mom doesn’t have a job, so paying bils is hard to do esch month. While she’s at school and doing her work, I’m the mom around the house. So this year, we might not have money for Christmas, because my mom needs to pay off, well, everything.

    I sincerely understand if you don’t choose our family. We have a roof over our heads and God’s protection around us. But please, if you can, help my family this Christmas.

    Have a blessed day,
    Cherise Johnson.

  7. Rebecca McCabe on said:

    Dear Tom,
    I would love to give my family a very nice Christmas this year. Its been hard these last few years but I try to give my family the best Christmas. Its been hard since I lost my husband 4 years ago. We always had a great Christmas when he was here. When me paying a 550.00 rent plus all the other bills its not going to be a great Christmas since I won’t have much money after paying the bills. If you could grant my Christmas wish. Thank you mother and grandmother

  8. Melissa holley on said:

    Hi my name is Melissa holley i live in barberton ohio i have 3 kids 15 connor 13 alex 9 hannah im having a really hard time trying to get Christmas for my kids i work 40 hours a week and just barley get by my water is about to be shut off i dont kbow where else to turn.. My health is not the best i suffer from neurofibromatosis i have tumors all over me in mice inside my spine i have been trying to find a 2nd job but a lot of places will not hire me i believe due too my looks from the tumors… I would love to be able to give my kids a Christmas this year but its looking like we are not going to have one just like thanksgiving… Thanks for taking the time to read this and bless you for everything you do

  9. patricia on said:

    Hi Mr Tom joyner and the crew my name is patricia warren somehow in writing and my ☎ phone keep messing up but anyway I am a grandmother of four grandkids ages 4, 5,121four five twelve and fourteen I really need help with food to put on the table to feed my grandkids for the holiday I rather see them with a full belly than toys that going to be just laying around and them my grandbabies be like grandma what to eat thank you so so so much this is my phone number 9375805032 once again this is my number 9375805032

  10. Good morning, Tom Joyner, my name is Felicia Padgett the mother of 2 daughter’s 13 and 20, I would like to seek any type of help possible with our situation. This has been a very ruff yr for us, as my oldest daughter’s father passed away from lung and brain Cancer back in February 2016. This same daughter was shot September 8, 2016, by an unknown source for no apparent reason he was high on drugs, shot her inches from her spine. She survived the shooting but could never have a MRI Because of the bullet fragments left in her. Also she had just went to orientation the same morning before the shooting for her new job.Ontonagon of that we we’re evicted immediately in October for non payment if rent but my landlord pulled a shady move that caused us to have to vacate sooner than expected, after only owning October’s rent. We are currently staying in a motel while we find new housing. I work full time but it’s not enough to pay all the bills. Im also currently behind almost 3 months on my car note and that is our only nears of transportation. Please bless us with Christmas as I have always made a way out of no way for my family. Thanks in advance

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  12. Monique Teasley on said:

    My name is Monique Teasley and I live in Hartwell, Georgia. My Christmas wish is for my son Jimiyon Jones to have a computer and printer, he’s a freshman (just started) at Truett McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia. I have a part time job and and can’t afford for him to have one because I took in a drug born baby that was born to my cousin and have a 10 year old also of my own. Jimiyon and I both had to take out loans for him to attend this college after he had signed a basketball scholarship to attend another school that fell through the cracks because we didn’t have enough money for him to attend. He is the most humbliest person I know with a great head on his shoulders. This is my wish for him, please help. I am a single mother with no help and raising some one else’s baby.

  13. Rosalynd Witherspoon on said:

    My name is Rosalynd Witherspoon. I would like to speak to someone in regards to rental assistance. A year ago, I was laid off from my job and at the same time I just had my beautiful baby girl. Despit being laid off, I recieved unemployment. About 3 weeks ago, I received a letter stating that my unemployment has come to an end. I have a job that is on hold due to background Clearences. Even when clear emcees come in the mail I can not start working until after January because I work with school children. My landlord is persistent with retrieving Their money. As a result, I have been issued a summons to for a hearing of non payment of rent. I am in dire need of help , I don’t want to end or start the new year homeless with my daughter. I realize that you may recieve similar stories asking for help that May be false. But, rest assure my story is very real. Please help me, if you can. I appreciate anything you can do.
    Rosalynd Witherspoon
    215 740 8013

  14. Hello my name is Felecia Edwards, I am writing this letter to see if my best friend children and herself can be blessed for this holiday season.

    She relocated 8years ago from California to McKinney, Texas for a better environment for her children but it has been a hard struggle. She had a house but she lost it, they were homeless on numerous occasions. Things are a little better they now, they have a roof over their heads and she is trying her best to make ends meet.

    She has 3 wonderful children Chrizma, she is 19 and a honor roll student in college, Daylon who is 16 And he works pt to try to help his mom and he pays for his little brother Avery who us 9, hair cuts.

    The kids have not had a real Christmas or tree since they left California and they never complain about it.

    I talk to Tieva daily, give words of encouragment and tell her it’s going to get better but I know it’s hard when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Anything you can provide for her and the children will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Here is her information

    McKinney, texas

    Tieva 39
    Avery 9
    Chrizma 19
    Daylon 16

  15. Betty Figueroa on said:

    Good evening Tom Joyner. Let me start by saying my mother is an amazing woman. she is 69 and still trying to show the upmost energy at times.
    *lost her husband by heart attack
    **diagnosed with Cancer last year (chemo treatment)
    *knee replacement this year and still suffering from it
    *Raising 2 grand children because my sister chose a substance and a different life style over her children 5yrs old and 9 yrs old- behavioral problems
    *depression at times
    *refridgerator blew out
    *Central AC system blew out
    My 18 yr old and I would just like help in getting her a fridge!
    I am a single parent of 2 amazing boys 10 and 18 (in college and working)
    God has really blessed me with them!
    Possibly getting her a fridge with water/ice maker on the outside & a microwave!!!
    910-264-4262 Betty ( my mother)

  16. Dear Tom Joyner,
    My name is Lori . This is for my fiance. He has been working every since he was twelve taking care of himself and many others. He has done so much for so many people and no one has ever recognized him for how he has touched their lives, but myself seemingly. I would love to make his wish come true for the rest of his life by giving him the gift of a beautiful smile. He chipped his tooth long ago and its in the front, he has double teeth as well in the front(but he’s still handsome) and he has to speak in front of groups of people often, and he’s self conscious about his smile. Some of his teeth are loose. The one thing he want more than anything in the world is to have his teeth removed and replaced with dental implants. He’s in his 40’s. I look at his face everyday and wish that I could give him this one wish that he want more than anything in the world, something just for him. He just want to have a pretty smile, Like Denzel, you, and J. Anthony Brown. I know that would be costly to have those teeth replaced and with all the expenses we have it would probably never get done. It seem everytime we think we’re getting ahead its always something that sets us back. This is another reason he has been so reluctant to do anything about his teeth. His family neglected him for so long to do something just for him, instead it has always been for themselves. No one thought to do anything nice for him. We met and I said I would be there for him as much as I can. We have been together every since. Because I saw a special and wonderful person through it all. This would be such a dream wish come true for him and myself. This could be the best gift ever I could give him, for you to help me to help him have a beautiful smile. To know he can look in the mirror every morning and see that wonderful smile and feel confident to open his mouth. Can you please make this happen for him? He is so deserving of it. This would be the biggest surprise and best wish ever for him. That would really make my heart and his heart smile big. If so, please contact me at (704) 747-5326 ask for Lori. This would be the best surprise ever for him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


  17. Joni lockhart on said:

    Hope I’m doing this correctly….my name is Joni Lockhart a Mother of 4 and Grammy of 5!!!! Christmas is near and I have lots kids to get gifts for…..this has been a hard year for me financially due to money lows for evertbody that small business hurt the most….Im a Professional Hairstylist trying to make it!!!! I have a ford explorer that needs major tuneup and brakes bad!!!! That’s our only transportation… you can see this would be Christmas for not only my kids and also me!!! But more the necessity of the car….if you can grant this wish to be able to take care these things that’s well needed I will be so grateful!!!!!

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  19. Mr. Joyner,
    I am praying for a blessing from you, my name is Doretha Gibson and I am praying a wish to see my nephew graduate from army basic training in August the 15 and 16. I have not missed a ball game or anything that has happen in my nephew life and it kills me to think I wil have to miss this oppontunity due to lack of funds. I just am not able to pay for myself and my daughter that’s 13 and get her the things needed for her upcoming school year. I know there are all kinds of people looking and needing a blessing and I pray for everyone, but I pray that I can become one of those lucky one that receives a christmas wish from you.

    Thank you
    Doretha Gibson

  20. I am a 58 year old veteran of the United States Air Force, and am trying to enter the nursing program at Houston Community College this coming August 2013. I am currently in need of the $65.00 I need right now to take the TEAS test, which is coming up the following two Monday’s. I will worry about the rest later. I would like to thank you kindly for your help. By the way I currently have over 60 college credits, but not in nursing.

  21. Ayanna Thomas on said:

    Dear Mr. Tom Joyner,
    Have you ever met someone that cared for others, more than themselves? Did whatever they could for another individual just to reflect the good that God has done for them? Well, I’d like you to meet my Mom, LaWan Siplin! She is the founder of Transformations Collegiate Collective Inc.,. It’s a non-profit organization that is helping 100 high school students in Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, FL, that qualify for free/reduced lunch, accepted into college, and living in a college dorm. Each student based on the recommendation of their guidance counselor will receive a Bible, XL Twin bed in a bag (comforter, sham, sheet set), 2 pillows, towel and washcloth, shower caddy filed with toiletries, laundry basket/laundry bag, and laundry detergent. 30 of those students will receive kitchen sets, pots and pans. TVs, e-readers, microwaves, and various items will be raffled off. The giveaway is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at 10am. However, there’s a dilemma. It is my Mom’s desire to give each student a bag of non-perishables to take to school with them to help transition them during the time it takes to receive financial aid. She really needs to purchase the food items, but I am asking for your help Mr. Joyner. The items she’s chosen to help the 100 students transition will cost approximately $2300.00 if purchased at Sam’s Club. She is a charismatic single mother of 3 girls (including myself) with two of us in college and one in high school. To do what she has already done, she has had to rely on donations and her income alone. I ask that you bless her with the money she needs to help purchase the food items for the students. It really is her passion in helping students that can get to college, have the necessary items needed once they get there. It takes a village to raise a child. My Mom has been a very instrumental member of that village. However, she needs a little help from the rest of the village. Please take part in blessing my Mom so that she can bless others. She really has a heart of gold and I am thankful that God has blessed her to do all that she has already. I pray that you will find it in your heart to bless not only her, but 100 students as well.
    Thank you for reading!
    Ayanna Thomas

  22. Shyterra Lloyd on said:

    Hello Mr. Joyner,
    I would like to nominate my mom Charmayne Lloyd-Dew. My mom is a newly single mom. She works a full time job, and also goes to school full time. My mom and her husband separated a few months ago, and he took a lot of my moms, my baby brother’s, and my stuff. He took our televisions, PS3, Xbox, games, mp3 player, laptops, and my mom’s moped and jewelry too. Now she does not have transportation to work. My mom had everything before she met him. What gives him the right to take our things? I am 13, and my brother is 10. The police told her that she couldn’t do anything about it because what her’s is his. My mom has been working hard, and she does not get much rest. She bought all of that stuff before she met him. He had no right to take our things. She has been sad because our things are gone and she does not have the money to replace them, because her money from work only covers the rent, electric, water, cable, and food. She has not even had the money to buy us shoes and clothes. We are out growing everything. Her husband left abruptly, and left her with many bills to catch up on, and provide for us. Please help my mom and put a smile on her face. I really hope that you can help her with transportation so she can keep her job. Her job is not on a bus line, and she has to walk a mile from the bus stop to get to work. She shouldn’t have to do this because she bought her moped to get to work. Please help her to get another moped. Thank you, Mr. Joyner.
    Shyterra Lloyd
    540-650-0203 home
    Charmayne Lloyd-Dew
    1902 Wise Ave. SE Apt. 13
    Roanoke, VA 24013
    540-526-8578 cell
    P.S. I leave for school in the morning by 7:45 am if you call, and I do not answer. My mom will already be at work by 7:00 am.

  23. Aaliyah Seifullah on said:

    Hi Tom my name is Aaliyah and I have a inner city basketball league in Grand Rapids, MI that I have started from the ground up with my own resources due to the increasing violence that has invaded our streets by the youth. I am writing you for for any contrubution to our league it can be monetary, jerseys, sponsoring a tournament or even a shout out on the radio in support of The Unstoppables to get the community involved. I would really appreciate it.

  24. carlene franklin on said:

    Dear Tom, I am a single mother with a daughter wthat is a senior in high school. Tom I don’t have enough money to purchase her snior expenses such as getting her senior pictures, affording a prom outfit, things that required for seniors. Tom my child is a good child. She’s a member of volunteer youth court for teens, she worked last summer for the bar association for shelby county,member of the future business leaders. Tom she deserves the joy of her senior yeat. My child has been UofM and Christian brothers here in memphis. And i am struggling to get money to put a deposit to hold her place there. Tom if you’re.wondering if or where i work. I work at fedex. If you are wondering where mher father is his court ordered child support 110.00 a month.and feel. That’s all she need he don’t see her nor return her phone call. I just need help to make sure she enjoys her senior year. Thank you Tom. Respectfully Carlene

  25. yulanda akhigbe on said:

    hi my name is yulanda akhigbe i have christmas wish me and my man had bad time he had a stroke and we both are diabetes and some more ills so are have hard time pay bill and mortgage,food some time but i work part time come take care him see i am home care taker i need help ..

  26. Denise Martin on said:

    Hello Tom my name is Denise Martin I listen to your show all the time I’m a true fan my daughter was just recently in a car accident on the way to college she works so hard at everything she taking medical assistant at Virginia College in Spartanburg SC she’s almost finished her car was totaled in the wreck and she no longer has a car the people who hit her car cancelled their insurance so they wouldn’t have to pay for it I have insurance but everything falls on me my Christmas Wish is for her to get a another car she’s a very good person inside and out and works hard in life I want her to graduate in March please help if you can thank you Denise Martin

  27. Denise Martin on said:

    Hi Tom my story is my daughter was in a terrible car accident on 2/15/2013 and her car was totaled she was on her way to college and someone hit her car,she a very good daughter she works and go to school but now I have to get her another one because their insurance was cancelled and everything falls on me I really want to get her one because this was her first car and she works so hard at everything and I wanna her to continue with school since she’s very close to graduating she’s a very good person in and out if u were to meet her u would agree if u can help her I would appreciate I’m doing what I can in this situation thank u so much for listening Mrs.Denise Martin

  28. Lisa Adams-Houghton on said:

    Dear Tom:

    You receive several Christmas Wishes and I’m hoping this one will stand out and send a signal to your heart. Its truly a remarkable journey to convey to you.

    My mom is 70 years old and has been a caretaker for over 50 years. Caretakers often receive horrible reports in the media and several instances where they have neglected or abuse many people. However, this is not the case, Mom’s gift is to care for others. She worked over 20 years at the local hospital as a CNA caring for patients.Her mother age 94 got ill so that burden fell on her to care for her. Working 12 hrs a day and then going home to take care of her mom until she past. she is currently taking care of two paients in their home now. SHe cares so much about her patients that she takes her own money to help make ends meet for them.

    Most caretakers only work 5 days and week but my mom blesses her patients with 7 days. Before church she goes to one of her patients house just to make sure she is bathed and ready for church. SHe gives of her time and energy to care for others. Her passion and her commitment is outstanding. If the world had caregivers like my mom, each of us would not dread the fact of getting old and worrying about who will take care of us. My mom 70 still taking care of others. Its just so wonderful. My Christmas wish for her is a gift card from Walmart to help defray the cost of giving to her two patients. There needs are so great that my mom takes her extra funds to help them out. I would love to see her by something for herself.

    My Mom’s name is Gladys Lee Adams

    Thanks Tom

    Lisa Adams-Houghton

  29. Dear Tom,
    I listen to your show daily since you started here in Shreveport. On 2-3-13 I received my income taxes and lost it all the same day while grocery shopping the same day, i’ve been sick and crying every since, I have to work and can’t crying. I was putting 2,000 on a house of my own, and putting the rest down on my grandson a car for doing good in school. That was my dream and now its gone, i can;t look my grand kids in the eyes, I feel so stupid, please find it in your heart to help me take back my dream. I never won anything,but god told me to write you, please help I feel like i lost myself.

    Sincerly, Mary Vinson
    (318) 946-0130
    1921 Weinstock st.
    Shreveport, La 71103

  30. Bianca Nicole King on said:

    Dear, Mr. Tom Joyner
    Hello I hope that you and your staff are enjoying a blessed day, I am Bianca King a resident of Nashville, TN. I have listened to your show since I was young girl, now that I am a young woman I appreciate the show a lot more. I respect and admire how you value education, so this is why I am writing . I am a single mother of a young boy named Jehlin. I had Jehlin after I graduated from high-school in 2003. Since then I have been faced with many decisions on wether to attend college or work full time, however by the grace of God and some of the most inspiring people I finally graduated this past December from Tennessee State University. This by far was an amazing accomplishment to me and most importantly I was able to set standards for my son to see. I have not found employment yet and I am planning to attend grad school to obtain a Master’s degree. However I am not in the position to pay my Sallie Mae bill until I am employed full time. I am truly trying to be a mother that my son will respect and appreciate in the long run. This Christmas wish would mean a lot to me this way I can be in good standing when the time comes to pay my bill and continue my education. Thank you either way for the opportunity. May God continue to Bless you in every way!

  31. Tyiania Simms on said:

    Dear Mr.Tom Joyner,
    My name is Tyiania (Tiana) Simms and I am 15 years old. I enjoy listening to your radio show every morning as my grandmother takes me to school. My mother, father, and I moved down here in 2005 from Wilson, North Carolina so they could pursue their dreams and have a better life for our family. Recently my mother had a new born baby boy but now he is 4 years old and he is a very intelligent little boy. I love my little brother. He is the third boy to be named Willie. Three years ago my grandfather passed away and it was by surprise. It still hurts at times but my family manages to pull through the hard times. My grandmother moved in with us once her husband passed away. My father attends Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) and will graduate in May of 2014 with an Associates Degree of Culinary Arts. He’s a great chef and I’m not just saying that because I am his daughter. He’s known mostly for his Turkey BBQ. His business/catering name is Big Willie’s Turkey BBQ. He attends school during the week and works on the weekends. He is the true definition of a great loving father. My mother has an Associates Degree in Pharmacy Technology. She currently works at P&G with XLC Services. She also is a great definition of a great loving mother. The reason I’m writing this letter is because I would really like for my parents to have something special done for them. They have been doing a great job raising my brother and I even when times were hard they made sure that we were happy. They are always working hard and doing the best that they can with what we have and making ends meet. I know it gets hard with bills and other burdens but they still manage to keep a smile on their face. I just want them to be recognized that I see and I would like to do anything I can to make them happy. I would and I know my parents would really like it if they got a break as in maybe a vacation or whatever you think parents would like receiving from their child.

    Sincerely and Best Wishes,
    Tyiania (Tiana) Simms

  32. Gene Abaragu on said:

    Hello Tom! I listen to your morning shows and it makes my day.My name is Genevieve Abaragu,a mother of 3 kids in dire need of some relief / Christmas gift. I am struggling quite a bit economically with no job in sight. I have never really got anything free in life and even though I tried a few times when I saw christmas giveaways,I was not lucky. but today,I’m feeling Lucky and blessed and so I am making this wish. My Children have asked me for an I-pad for more than 3-4 years now for christmas but no matter what I did to be able to provide it, I always fell short because of my very low income. It breaks my heart because they even asked for just one so that the could all share and be able to do their homework on time without having to wait on the old desktop they’ve had forever which doesn’t work so well. I do pray that I can also get a christmas gift which I would always cherish,thanks and God bless.

  33. Quineshia on said:

    Dear Mr. Joyner my mother is my inspiration she has been there for me & my sisters since the day we were born, and she has had no support with raising us she is a strong black women and always makes due for her family and doesn’t complain about what she has to sacrifice to make ends meet she practically takes care of the whole neighborhood she is so generous and never ask for anything in return my mother goes to a lot on a regular basic and she still smiles everyday all my mother has ever wanted was a home of her own but she can’t afford it right now because of some debt all she wants is some land so she can finally have her own home I’m going off to college next year and i wouldn’t have to worry about her stressing if I knew she had a place to call home.

  34. Let me introduce you to and extrodinary person doing an extra ordinary thing. Schinnell Leake, is the founder of the non-profit Extra-Ordinary Birthdays. She believes that a child’s birthday party is often and understandably the last on the list of priorities, and more often, completely unattainable for homeless families trying to find a way to get on track.Extra-Ordinary Birthdays strives to give that special day back to families living in shelters who otherwise would not have the means to celebrate their child’s birthday. Every child, especially kids living without many of the things that we count on …sleeping in the same bed each night, breakfast on the table, safety in the home… needs to know that their birthday is special, and that their growth matters.Through the celebration of each child’s birthday, we become part of a wonderful opportunity to create a moment that will become a positive part of their lifetime of memories. Tom, Schinnell is a busy mom, wife and coworker. She does this on her own time and dime; through donations and volunteers. A Christmas wish for her would be a donation so that she can purchase the supplies necessary to continue to provide this amazing opportunity and gas for her volunteers to get to the shelters . The joy that she and her team bring to these children is beyond description. Hearing from you would be a boost and reminder that she is doing what she is called to do.

  35. jamella hackety on said:

    FI lneed a Christmas wish real bad. I have been without power since march 2012. Duke power is holding me in charge of my son phone bill cause he is in jail. I can’t pay his bill and mines too. I would need almost 1.500 to pay it all. I need help please. I am on disability and my income is not that much. Is there s way to get my Christmas wish. I have been in the dark for so long. If I: could get this done. I can take care of myself. Help please. God Bless

  36. Dominique Walker on said:

    Dear Tom, My name is Dominique walker. I’m writing my for my Lil sister. I have a lil sister named Courtney, she is 17 and has fragile X which is mutation on the X chromozone, this causes mild to server retardation. Even though she is 17 mentally she is 8. In addition to that she has muscular dystrophy. Which is a progressive disease with no cure.
    On January 26, 2013 I’m taking her to see the Justin Bieber concert in Miami Fl. Her only dream is to meet Justin is person after the concert. This is the only thing she has been talking about since she found out she was going. I’ve tired everything to make this possible with no success. Mr.Joyner you are only hope for fulfilling my sister’s Christmas wish.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  37. Bernatta Bronaugh on said:

    I am 30 single mom in College… needing help with Christmas.I AM ASKING FOR HELP WITH GASOLINE CARD.A I PAD AND IPHONE FROM CRICKET.I HAVE A 10 yr old going middle school .I have a storage Bill 369.00 to Cherry Station Mini Storage 212 Warfield Blvd Clarksville,Tn37043 now Live 37207 please help.

  38. Hi, I know there are others who need help more than me but I just really wanted to vent. I am a single mother of three who works hard to do what I can for my family. Im facing being homeless for Christmas with my kids & didnt know who else to talk to. I feel really bad because I have never been in a situation like this.Ive worked really hard all year & still havent caught up with my bills. I have explained to them that there will be no christmas but I just dont know how to explain to them that we will be evicted. I am hopeful that things will get better.

  39. LaVena Boyce on said:

    Dear Tom,
    My name is LaVena Boyce I am a single parent, I lost my job in 2010 and things for me and family has been very hard,. i took up a apart time job for xmas this year. And was put in a mail fraud sting. I deposted a monyorder that was fake in lost $975. which cost me all my son xmas money. Now I cant provide him the things he wants because I have to pay back this money

  40. Cheyenne Anderson on said:

    Dear Tom Joyner,
    I am a big fan of you and your radio station my radio stays on 101.3. I am writing to ask you for a christmas wish for me and my family. I recently lost joib and have been looking for work for a while now and have had no luck. I am a 36 year old single mother of three.Recently divorced from the love of my life we were together 20 years when he decided to tell me that he wasnt in love with me anymore. I’ve been doing odds and end jobs, and temporary job assignments just to keep some of my bills payed. I coming to you with a christmas wish in hope that me and my children not evicted from our apartment. Im behind in my rent and have no idea how my kids are gonna even have somewhat of a descent christmas. Tom if you could help me out I will greatly appreciate it. I never thought in a million years I would ever see myself in a situation like this. You are an angel in disguise to alot of people even me, even if I don’t get help you are a true angel. Thank you so much me and my kids really do appreciate you.

    Thank you so much,

  41. TYRONE L. DIXON on said:

    My Christmas gift is to have my mom receive a work out on her house she is getting old and the house needs help. I am not asking for nothing for me but I hope you can make this Christmas one that I need. Thanks for all you and your wife and tha TJMS show does for not only me but for the world.

  42. Cheryl Ross on said:

    Dear Tom, I always listen to the Christmas wishes and it is very kind of you to allow Christmas wishes through out the year. I am writing to ask for a Christmas wish for me and my family. I am 42 years old pursuing my bachelors degree in safety. I have a 15 year old in high school who is planning to join the military after she graduates and I have an 18 year old who is attending college pursing her bachelors in athletic medicine. I am a single parent and was recently laid off in November. I have no income at this time. I do qualify for unemployment benefits, but because of the way they calculate the quarters. I will not be eligible for a check until January 12, 2013. My Christmas wish is to be able to provide my family with a Christmas dinner and a few gifts. Tom, if you can make this happen for me , I will be very grateful. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and the TJMS crew.


    Cheryl Ross

    Jay and Sybil…you guys are great!!! Merry Christmas

  43. Odell russell on said:

    Dear Tom Joyner

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! My Christmas wish is to get my car working. I had a transmission replaced, which cost me $1200 but the car won’t pass inspection. I can’t get the car inspected because I can’t get it registered. I also need sensors replaced. All of this will cost me $300 that I do not have. I have a birthday coming up on 12/20/12 and I’ll be 68 years old. I do not have a computer, I have asked my great niece to email you this letter. I need a car, it’s hard to get around on foot. I have arthritis in my back and knees. I am an ex-bus driver, god father, father, grandfather. Help me please. With my car working and possibly a computer that would make my birthday. Love you and your radio show for the past 14 years. My radio stays on 24 hours a day.

    God Bless & Happy Holidays
    Charles Odell Russell

  44. Dear Tom, i am working of two wonderful teeangers with a bright feature ahead of them, right now we are facing financial difficulities, my son is a freshman in college, and my daughter is a junior in high school, Tom would you could you please grant us this one wish of helping us with my son tuition bill of 1893.00 and my daughter bill is 8579.00 please help make it possible so that she would be eligle for basketball season on dec 17 she is ready to play, and I feel bad by moving her to the school and she want be able to play, i feel bad as there mother because financially I juts don’t have it, tom if you could help out this christmas this would e the best gift for my family.
    Angela Nelson

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