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Author: Tavis Smiley and Stephanie Robinson
Publisher: Atria

“ACCOUNTABLE: Making America as Good as its Promise” promotes the power of the private citizen. “ACCOUNTABLE” informs citizens how they can help politicians deliver on their promises and make democracy active. It tells ordinary people how they can track the performances of their elected leaders and civically engage with government in ways that improve their communities.

“ACCOUNTABLE” is the logical and timely successor to two bestsellers: “The Covenant with Black America,” which set forth 10 issues critical to our democracy – from health care to the economy – and challenged our public officials to address them; and “The Covenant in Action,” which offered a tool kit to help everyday citizens affect change. If “The Covenant” is the “what,” “The Covenant in Action” is the “how,” and “ACCOUNTABLE” is the “whether,” the yardstick for measuring whether elected officials and citizens have fulfilled or are satisfying their respective duties in our democracy.

“ACCOUNTABLE” builds upon the first two installments by acting as a timely report card to hold public officials accountable for what they have promised to date. It also endeavors to hold the entire American community accountable for its actions – an inaction – within this process.