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Thousands Outraged At Limited Mainstream Media Coverage Of Armed White Militia Taking Over Federal Building

Thousands are outraged at the limited mainstream media coverage after a group of armed activists took over a federal wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon on Saturday evening. https://www.facebook.com/sarah.d.sandell/videos/1112061878804653/ The armed protesters are accusing Oregon officials of treating ranchers, who refused to sell their land, unfairly. In the video above, Ammon Bundy – a son of a […]

National News

Medical Examiner Confirms Oregon Shooter Took His Own Life

The Oregon State Police Medical Examiner confirmed on Saturday that 26-year-old mass shooter Chris Harper Mercer committed suicide. According to new reports, a 59-year-old British mother named Kim Dietz was also killed in the mass shooting that took place at Umpqua Community College. Dietz was in the classroom next door when she first heard gunfire. She attempted to put a […]