11/16/16- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about moving past Trump’s election and the plan to protest January 14th 2017, a few days before number 45 is sworn in.

“We’ve got to stand up that there will be no movement on the voting act and police reform. We need to put them on notice we should not be moved on some things. It is now important more than ever to come out and be part. We want to set the tone that they will have to come as the backdrop of what we stand for.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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8 thoughts on “Rev. Sharpton Explains Upcoming Protest The Saturday Before Trump Is Sworn In

  1. We need to stop being influenced by the clowns in our society who is reaching us to be a rebellious people, it is a disgrace and dishonor to God, what is there to fear?

  2. lets not forget what a violent racist sharpton is. incited race riots in crown heights got off scott free. doesn’t pay his taxes gets off scott free. His famous “white people lived in caves” speech scott free. black privilege is real.

  3. Well I can see why the protest will be held on that Saturday as Sharpton has stated
    He would leave the country if โ€œThe Donโ€ were elected so come inauguration day weโ€™ll gaze up north to see jet flames a half mile long shooting out of his ass with arms stretched as he makes his way to Canada

  4. Arnett V Cooper on said:

    Kenneth Anstine go to hell Donald Trump is the 1 that’s the most racist sexist & a devil on the Planet that don’t deserve to be president Rev. Al on the other hand worked hard & deserve the title of being a Reverend if you don’t agree who the hell cares that’s your racist illiterate hatred problem & go jump in the river with Trump then yourself

  5. Kenneth Anstine on said:

    Al Sharpton is ine of the biggest black racists on the planet and does not deserve the title Reverend. He doesn’t preach God. He preaches racism and division!!!

  6. !!!AMERICAHAS SPOKEN IN ITS WAY!!! ((HOWD. Trump ended the U.S status quo?)) Everyone has been blind. But Gov. Bob Ehrlich, Michael Moore andothers, as well as your reading-writer saw coming the undeniable reality. Eventhough, history has stepped on my pen because I used to say! Only two kinds offolks canโ€™t talk predominantly: are Politicians and Businessmen but the upshotof the 2016 election just challenged my faculty to change that avowal. On theother hand, back to July, I made a statement reminding the Nicholas Machiaveltechniques on D. Trumpโ€™s scheme. Mg, at that tme my surroundings cliched me asa chauvinism backer, although afterward, some of them acknowledged thedifference! In fatc, I am just aware of common sense such behavior helps me tosplit my emotion from the reality. Itโ€™s indeed about time to wonder what realsmartness is! In the course of that scarce election, it seems all and sundrywere deeply mistaken wherever โ€˜โ€™Stupidity inaudibly turns to Stylishnessโ€™โ€™. Whatpowered D.J.Trumpโ€™s wise the top of establishment? The whole society has been utterlyunsighted. Not like Ivan Castro butpsychologically ! True stratum: Sam Wang, professor at PrincetonUniversity, has promised to eat a bug, yes Bug if Trump succeeds. Subsequently,at a TV show the prof, retained his announcement; Why Experience must be old? Onlyway to see what or unthinkable is coming, we must be able to divide feelingsfrom realities. Thereโ€™s a big difference between Knowledge and Intelligence.For future, letโ€™s be smarter than any state of mindโ€ฆ Versaint

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