’The Preachers’ host Jamal Bryant refuses to pay his baby mama’s legal bills in their nasty custody battle over custody and support of their minor son, reports exclusively. Jamal says his ex has more than enough to pay her own bills.

Bryant filed documents on August 22 requesting that the judge not make him pay for LaToya Odom’s attorney fees in the case. Odom wants the court to order him to pay her bills while the case is pending. She claims she’s not balling like the TV host, but unlike him, she’s paying for all the child’s expenses.

LaToya has yet to submit proof or a breakdown of the services her lawyers provided. Because they are in the beginning stages of their battle, Jamal believes her legal fees should be low enough that she can afford to pay herself.

A paternity test previously confirmed that Jamal is the father to her son born in 2015 named John Karston Bryant. She filed suit seeking primary physical and legal custody of their child because he has only lived with her since birth. She also wants temporary and permanent child support from Bryant. According to reports, Odom wants the judge to order Jamal to pay monthly support while the case is pending.

Odom acknowledges that Bryant did make child support payments with the intention of amicably resolving all issues over their son. However, he claimed that he ceased all contact with LaToya and stopped paying support due to her continued harassment and his desire to have the court decide.

As EUR previously reported, LaToya told the court that she makes a modest income as an author, but her income is no match to his. She claims she had no choice but to take Bryant to court in order to protect the long-term interests of their child.

Odom is the founder of a Baltimore-area megachurch with more than 10,000 members, co-host on “The Preachers” talk show, and worth millions. LaToya is accusing him of living a flashy lifestyle when she – who shoulders all parenting responsibilities for the child – is a single mother who lives frugally.

In her docs, she also blasts Bryant for not being forthcoming about his net worth and finances, and his refusal to hand over information regarding the sources of his income.


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5 thoughts on “Jamal Bryant Refuses To Pay Baby Mama’s Legal Bills

  1. The content of this man’s character is sorely lacking. Several years ago, he also fathered a child with a minor while still married. He lacks morals, integrity, and character.

  2. Cassius Wright on said:

    These ” ” Pastors ” ” need to represent GOD Almighty in the light that he is and that is GLORY. If ministers are not sincere about the LORD then please quit representing him in this manner.

    Jamal Bryant needs to step-up and be the father that GOD would have him be. It is time to quit worrying about the baby mama drama simply because he should have considered that before he made his decision to commit fornication.

  3. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    I bet he now wishes he’d never messed with her. I tell you, people have to have more self-control. There is a reason why God said NO SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE!!!

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