'Extant' - Los Angeles Premiere

Halle Berry has gone through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to her relationships, but that hasn’t stopped her from believing in love.

The legendary actress made headlines Wednesday after news broke that she and husband Olivier Martinez may have pulled the plug on finalizing their divorce after 10 months of dragging their feet. According to a legal document obtained by TMZ, the clerk in divorce court sent a notice to both Halle and Olivier, saying they’ve been taking their precious time and haven’t done anything to make the divorce final.

The clerk reportedly issued an ultimatum to the couple: either do something, or the case will be dismissed. But Halle isn’t ready to bail on her husband just yet. The Oscar-winning actress isn’t convinced she wants a divorce. Sources say she still thinks Olivier might change – especially in the anger management department – and if he does, she thinks the marriage could work.

Martinez is the father to Berry’s 2-year-old son, Maceo, and stepfather to her daughter Nahla. Only time will tell the fate of these two lovebirds.



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