There are a couple of things to talk about this morning with this election.

One of them is probably really important but NO ONE is talking about it.

Why – because Donald Trump stole the thunder and once again shaped and controlled the media narrative.

He completely overshadowed Hillary Clinton’s speech at the American Legion in Cincinnati, which put Clinton on the defensive, having to respond to Trump who at the same time was garnering media attention on a world stage.

“You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon.  You do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships.”

That may indeed by true, but no sooner than Clinton had finished her speech it was forgotten about.

The cameras and the focus turned to Donald Trump who swooped in, at the invitation of Mexico’s President, Enrique Peńa Nieto, to hold a statesman like meeting together in Mexico City, Mexico.

There was live coverage on every cable network of Trump’s whereabouts and time of arrival.

What would he say?

How would he act?

Would he say something outlandish?

Would he and President Nieto clash on a world stage?

Then, this happened:

“It is a great honor to be invited by you Mr. President, a great, great honor.  We had a great, direct and constructive exchange of ideas over quite a period of time.”

It appeared as though Trump had pulled it off.

Not only had he managed to upstage Hillary Clinton, but he had managed to go into an advisory’s territory and come out unscathed.

That was until the two men took questions from the press.

The first one being, who would pay for that infamous wall?

“We did discuss the wall.  We didn’t discuss payment of the wall.  That’ll be for a later date.  This was a very preliminary meeting.  I think it was an excellent meeting.”

For his signature policy, the one that had garnered him so much attention – building a wall that Mexico would pay for – he had not even bothered to discuss it with the man who would have to sign the check.

The CEO of the Clinton campaign tweeted out that Trump had chocked.

And to add insult to injury, President Nieto tweeted out that he had indeed discussed with Trump that Mexico would not pay for the wall.

Clinton’s CEO updated his tweet adding Trump had not only choked but got beat in the room and lied about it.

Trump later stood by his comment that they hadn’t discussed.

We may never know the truth about what actually happened but like it or not you have to concede that Donald Trump won the battle in the war on optics and looking presidential.

At the end of the day, and at the beginning, it’s the photo ops that matter.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at your morning paper.

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8 thoughts on “Is Trump Stealing Clinton’s Spotlight And The Election?

  1. My son was let go from a construction job. He was told that they didn’t need anymore Laborers. Well, a reliable source told us they did hire but only Latinos. Why pay an American a decent wage when you can pay them a lower wage, leaving out a sector of people. We always seem to include them in our discussions regarding equality for all. What have they said about us? We need to worry about our situations and let them deal with their issues. They damn site don’t care about us or White America for that fact. And for the record, Hillary don’t got a rats azz about AA’s, only our votes.

  2. Deceitful Donald Trump always the opportunist got punked in Mexico.

    He tried to grandstand their President but knew he could not bring his hate filled rhetoric there,So he comes back here and boast to his radical angry for nothing supporters at his fear mongering side show.

    He generalize all African American as we all live in bad conditions. Always for convenience he flip flops to get a win. All he’s concerned about is a large % of us not getting ahead to move in mostly white(his supporters ) neighborhoods. He blames Obama for black progress but it was his own party(R) that has made any potential advancement for them difficult because of not supporting any of the Presidents Ideas. Such Hypocrisy.

    D. Trump is full of cow dung. He knows he’s not qualified and his campaign is pulling straws. He will say and make false promises to get votes. He now acts if he can turn things around by saying he has a magic wand, blames others and trying to use reverse psychology. Now wants to pander to minorities and tell false stories to gain votes. I hope they throw him out!

    He points the finger and hides his hands. He say’s “Latinos have taken jobs from African Americans”. False. Blacks males and Hispanics males do not go for the same job type opportunities, We work in different fields of interest. But he tries to use that silly logic hoping it will stick. If he was so concerned about American Jobs, that was not evident on David Letterman’s show years ago when he was seen showing where his high priced (made overseas ) clothing line was made, Not in the USA that’s for sure.(See the latest Hillary tv ads) He’s such a hypocrite and got exposed.He’s hoping voters will take a gamble like his rigged bankrupt casinos. He’s running out of people to blame for his empty rhetoric so now like a sore losing cry baby attacks the same media he’s been using to glamorize his radical, fear and womanizing ego. Divisive Donald too late! Smart voters know you are full of hot air and a con artist like most hustling businessmen. Don’t forget, Most Klan and white separatist say “Trump speaks for them”. Just look at his rallies and you will see them w/o the white hoods. At least Hillary Clinton has reached out, help, assisted and cared about African American causes way before she ran for President She’s not new to this but True to this.

  3. Trump went to Mexico Hil-lier-ry went to Hollywood to mingle with rich liberal elites, guess Mexico wouldn’t donate to the Clinton foundation

  4. yaegerj on said:

    Let him have the attention, because when the curtain comes down on this, Hillary will be in the white house. I’m calling for all my brothers and sisters around this country, black, white, chinese, and latinos refrain from giving Mr. Trump any more attention than necessary. Commit yourself, to not looking at any more news on Mr. Trump, and or reading about him, until after the election. Join me all, in prayer. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who is more qualified. I don’t need to be spoon fed information for me to make a logical decision as to whom should be in the white house. If Hillary had not one bit of experience I would still vote for her, based on her coming from good stock, meaning bill who already was president of our United States for 8 years, so I am not forgetting that. Bill left this Country in a surplus, and much more, and Hillary and Bill back in the White House the same will happen again, despite all the smoke screens that are being tossed up. Folks don’t get confused with all these mess on tv, Trump is spending close to 6 billion on these lies, to train your minds to think in the manner he wants, Excercise your right, to just turn him off.

  5. L.M. Adams on said:

    He has a team that orchestrates these things for him. This may have been a photo-op but the results of his “meeting” still reflect his asinine comments on immigration and the Mexican President has said “he lied” – we did talk about it and trust, it won’t be us paying for it. His brain dead supporters will still think he’s great, but consider the source.

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