8/26/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with activist and community leader Blake Simmons, the creator of #BlackMenSupportLeslie. The 23-year-old felt compelled to stand up for actress Leslie Jones after noticing the amount of online bullying she received.

“I saw all the hate that was being shown toward Leslie. I wanted to show my support and solidarity. I had this idea to create a hashtag and to let her know that black men will stand with her,” he said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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6 thoughts on “Creator Of #BlackMenSupportLeslie: ‘I Wanted To Show Her Something Beautiful’

  1. Charmaine on said:

    Leslie you kerp pushing, you keep climbing and dont you dare give up because of ignorance. You are a beautiful black women.You stay in the lime light and continue to bring laughter. Dont you dare quit…dont you give in!!

  2. Leslie, you are so beautiful, I always will support you. Remember that you are GOD’S child, may God be with you and may St. Micheal protect you and your family. Love Ty from Maine.

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