Remember Marie Holmes? She’s the North Carolina mother of four who worked at Walmart and won $188 million in a 2015 state lottery. She’s also been seriously dragged by social media for constantly bailing out her boyfriend Lamar “Hot Sauce” McDow with her winnings, nearly $10 million to be exact. McDow is now in jail serving 10 years on drug charges.

Messy? Most definitely. 

Apparently Holmes realized the she needed help. Her experiences will be televised on Iyanla Vanzant’s OWN reality show Iyanla, Fix My Life next month as a four-part, multi-week episode where Holmes and seven other women move into the “House of Healing.” Looking at the trailer, the participants will emotionally address a range of issues including how to dispel the “Angry Black Woman” myth.

The season five premiere of Iyanla Fix My Life will drop on September 10.

Will you be watching?

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3 thoughts on “Iyanla Vanzant To “Fix” North Carolina Lotto Winner’s Life

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I think she does need help, but not from Iyanla, she’s not a real therapist, she just plays one on TV.
    Money doesn’t instantly make you wiser, or more intelligent, especially when you’ve never had it.
    I really wish Ms. Homes finds happiness in this world, money doesn’t make you happy just give you choices and sometimes bad choices. I’m rooting for you Ms. Homes. Find a real doctor tho and someone you can truly trust, which is going to be hard now.

  2. FallMornings on said:

    I don’t know why she needs anyone’s assistance to do what is right. Leave that criminal man alone, leave NC and start a new life with you and your children. He ain’t the only man in the world.

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