Claudia Jordan Discusses Her RHOA Clash With NeNe Leakes

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  • As you know NeNe Leakes typically isn’t fond of the new girl on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and same rules applied for Claudia Jordan. But you know Claudia wasn’t here for it. Listen to the audio player to hear Claudia discuss her run in with NeNe, and how she set her straight so fast her wig nearly fell off!

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    6 thoughts on “Claudia Jordan Discusses Her RHOA Clash With NeNe Leakes

    1. It seems that RHOA is the place for all the thirsty so called housewives. I am tired of the pretty face who are loud mouth and with little value – Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan. She is not a celebrity – if she is a D list celebrity one at that. There are a lot of us who dislike Nene Leakes; however, if it wasn’t for housewives like her, RHOA wouldn’t have its longevity. Therefore, Claudia coming on the show to make a commotion is seriously ridiculous. So, Claudia no, you did not put Nene in her place. You make us the audience look at you in a different light. Remember the husbanding buying Kenya Moore we will never see in a different light no matter how she tries to redeem herself. Apollo might have apologies, but you flirted with out in front of the camera and his wife. Also you carried the same sorry story-line for the last three season, it is really getting exhausting.

    2. About DAMN time somebody put that moose in her place and she was just hatin’ on Claudia because Claudia is younger and FAR more better looking than her and Claudia has been around a HELLA lot longer than moose Nene….at least I’ve seen Claudia on TV much longer (starting with “Price is Right” and then moving on to “Deal or No Deal”)

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