At 73, Man Finally Gets Diploma Denied For Defying Segregation

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    There was no pomp and circumstance, no procession with classmates, but on Friday a school district in Illinois finally handed Alva Early his high school diploma — more than five decades after he attended Galesburg High School. In 1959, Galesburg banned Earley from graduating and denied him a diploma after he and other African-Americans had a picnic in a park that was unofficially off-limits to blacks. Read More.

    In Chicago, Neighborhoods That Are More Black Don’t Gentrify

    So here’s one way folks tend to think about gentrification in big cities: Poorer (therefore: browner) neighborhood becomes more attractive to folks of more means (therefore: whiter) who are in search of lower housing costs. As more and more better-off folks move in, new amenities and fresh investment follow. And that, in turn, brings more demand for the neighborhood among potential gentrifiers, which pushes up housing costs and drives out the people of color who lived there before. A new study by Harvard researchers suggests that there’s also a racial ceiling to how neighborhoods gentrify, at least in Chicago, the city they examined. Robert Sampson and Jackelyn Hwang found that neighborhoods that are more black tend to stay that way. Read More.

    Fired Miami Cop Reinstated After Shooting Unarmed Man

    The Miami Police Department has reinstated a detective who was fired last year after shooting an unarmed black man nearly three years ago, the Miami Herald reports. The department’s firing of Reynaldo Goyos was overturned Friday after an arbitrator reviewed the case, the Herald writes, and “ordered the department to return him to his job no later than Aug. 13, with full back pay.” Sgt. Javier Ortiz, president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police, released a statement praising the decision. Read More.

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