3 Ways To Make a Man Feel Special & Show Him That You Are

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  • I had a great time with some amazing men last week in Dallas at my Men’s Panel “Why Do Men Look but Don’t Leap? I wish you were there because they shared some real nuggets.

    These men, both married and single, spoke from their hearts and souls honestly about want they want, what they’ve learned, and about how they really feel.

    Take a look at the video snippet.

    Trust me, there’s more to see and more to come. So stay tuned and hopefully you can make the next event. In the meantime, here are 3 tips they shared about how to tune into a man and get his attention:

    I asked: What is one key thing that men want from women?

    Tip 1:
    LISTEN: “It’s really hard for women to be quiet”. That’s hard to hear I know, but it is the consensus amongst the probably hundreds of men that I’ve asked over the years and, trust me, it becomes a big topic during every panel. Personally, I am a woman that always has something to say but, lately I’ve been trying to listen and learn more. It’s working.

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