HAROLD GREEN: New Age Lyricist, Modern Day Renaissance Man

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  • “The soul of Otis Redding is in Chicago” – ‘The Ellen Show’ blog

    Talk about pressure.

    But then again, maybe not.

    Meet spoken word artist, Harold Green. A Chicago native with impeccable wit and natural charisma. Add in a love for music and art and sprinkle a bit of poetry on top, and you’ve been introduced to the blueprint of what ‘Flowers for the Living’ (or #FFTL on social media) is all about.

    Green, along with his wife Charisma, an artist in her own right, combined their adoration for music and creative wordplay into an idea that would promote love and positivity on the hip-hop music scene.

    Since it’s inception in 2011, for two weeks each year around Valentine’s Day, the duo gathers in swanky, artistic settings with a live band and covers old classics and perform original music.

    But this isn’t just another cover band on YouTube.

    The difference: Green’s thought-provoking, raw and often sensual poetry aligned to each track.


    “I write these original pieces so that makes it something new and that’s what I think makes it’s kind of cool,” Green says.

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