10 Best Celebrity Voices On “The Boondocks”

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    When Cartoon Network announced the return of the tragically funny show known as “The Boondocks,”  nerds, geeks and animation lovers rejoiced. The only thing better than checking in on Huey, Riley and Robert Freeman would be checking on the new characters and celebs that would make cameos. In celebration, TUD decided to run down some of the celeb vocal cords borrowed over the years for the show.

    1) Busta Rhymes – “Flownominal” If you’re talking about voices or Hip-Hop icons, there aren’t many that can stand out in a crowded room like the one and only Busta Rhymes. So who better to play hype-man to Thugnificent than the Dungeon Dragon himself?

    2) Lil Wayne – “Cousin Nique” There are normally two kinds of cousins in the family. There are ones that come to visit, bring dope toys and big fun to the house. And then there are the ones that eat your food, steal your stuff and try your patience. Guess which one Weezy was?

    3) Katt Williams – “A Pimp Named Slickback” So let me get this straight, you need a loud, sharp-tongued, quick talking vulgar-voiced man to order women around and become the supreme pimp? Let’s just say casting Money Mike was practically cheating.

    4) Mos Def – “Gangstalicious” The Boondocks could have gotten any MC worth his mic to play a rapper at the top of the charts. But when you need this MC to be funny and in the closet? That’s when you’re going to need an MC who can also ACT like an Oscar winner. Enter Brooklyn’s own Mos Def.

    5) Snoop Dogg – “Macktastic” To be honest, it doesn’t matter what character he plays. Snoop’s Cali slang adds a sense of ghetto smoothness and gangster boogie to almost anything. But playing a rapper named “Macktastic,” a name that sounds like it could be Snoop nickname, is pretty much a no-brainer.

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