5 Misconceptions About Natural Hair

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  • After two months of becoming acquainted with my natural hair, I realize that several notions about natural hair and its care just aren’t true. Before I went completely natural, I had ideas of ways my hair and beauty routine would be different, even easier certain ways.  But my hair proved many of those ideas to be totally wrong.

    I thought I would:

    1.  Wake up feeling free and liberated …

    Although having natural hair is liberating and has its perks, sometimes I miss my longer, straight hair that falls to my shoulders and blows in the wind.

    2.  Just wash and go …

    Whoever came up with this saying forgot to name a few steps in between. I must wash, condition, apply leave-in conditioner, oil, and styling product, then go.  And I have to wait 4-6 hours for my hair to air dry completely.

    3.  Look like a boy …

    I’m relieved this thought proved false for me!  Although I think that women with pronounced bone structures are gorgeous, I’m glad that my face is soft and feminine enough to balance a short, somewhat bold cut.

    4.  Wear big earrings to feminize my look …

    Since I wear glasses (cat-eye frames), wearing big earrings looks too over-the-top.  My face can’t handle two statement pieces.  So I’m stuck wearing studs and small hoops, unless I want to draw tons of attention.

    5.  Walk in light rain without an umbrella …

    Sprinkles and sparse showers seem harmless enough, but my hair is moisture sensitive.  So if my hair is already dry, even a few droplets turn my cute curls and coils into fuzzy frizzies.



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