Judge Joe Brown Runs For DA In Memphis

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At the time of Brown’s arrest, Weirich’s campaign manager had this to say about Brown’s court antics, “That sort of disrespectful circus stunt may get Hollywood ratings, but this is real life and real people, and Joe Brown knows better. He should be ashamed of himself.”

The good judge is appealing the charges.

During his 10 years holding the gavel, Brown developed a rep for imposing creative sentences. He once ordered an out-of-town businessman caught transporting drugs through the county to apologize for his crimes in a letter in the newspaper.  In another one of his cases, an admitted child molester was ordered to confess to his Sunday church congregation, something the church was totally against.

On August 7th, voters will get to make their decision on whether Brown or Weirich will be best suited for the job in Tennessee’s largest county.

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