Earth Day 2014: Why Your Zip Code Matters

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It’s issues like these that we need to not only pay more attention to, but demand justice for.  Environment justice isn’t exactly a new idea, but it’s one that people don’t always understand when they are demanding justice within their communities.  It affects overall quality of life and is intertwined with so many other issues that we have to focus on it more.  If a child develops severe asthma that causes her to miss multiple days of school, overall, that impacts her education.  Her family, which is likely already struggling, now has added medical bills and her mother has to work extra hours in order to buy her medicine.  The impacts of the mother being away from the home are felt by the family in many ways that we can all imagine.

Earth Day is April 22.  On this day, let’s not think of what we imagine environmental activists to be, let’s lift up the mantle of environmental justice and demand better from our government.  The president has already created a climate action plan.  It’s our turn to take that plan and make sure it’s implemented by state and local elected officials in communities across the country.  We already know place matters, now it’s time to show that it matters to us.


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