This is horrific…jut absolutely heart breaking. According to DDW, a South Carolina woman will be spending the next twenty years thinking about her mistakes in life. Former nurse Stephanie Greene, 39, was convicted in Spartanburg on Thursday of homicide by child abuse, involuntary manslaughter and unlawful neglect of a child.

What did she do specifically you ask? Well she reportedly took a severely high amount of morphine and transferred it to her infant daughter via her breast milk….which resulted in her baby girl’s death.

Said Barry Barnette, Solicitor for the 7th Judicial Circuit,

“This is not an indictment on breast feeding. She loved her drugs more than she loved her baby.”

Toxicology tests on 6-week-old baby Alexis found that a lethal amount of morphine and at least three other drugs were present in the baby’s system.

Greene’s defense argued that not enough of the drugs could have passed through her breast milk to kill the baby but no other evidence for the child’s death existed according to the prosecutor.

A medical expert testified that a child receiving an overdose of morphine would not gain weight. When Greene’s baby died, she weighed only four ounces more than her birth weight.

Barnette said,

“It fit the pattern. She’s a nurse. She knew the dangers.”

Greene will be forced to serve at least 16 years in prison under South Carolina law.

Barnette relayed that ,

“She still faces 38 charges of fraudulently obtaining drugs.”

Again…we say some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids without taking a test first to ensure they’re suitable. This could have saved a lot of heartache.



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