Kenya Moore Speaks: NeNe Leakes Supports Violence Against Women [EXCLUSIVE]

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    In a time when Beyonce joyfully recites the lyrics to her husband’s rap verse, “Eat the cake Anna Mae/ Said eat the cake Anna Mae,” in reference to the infamous slapping scene in the biopic of Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” or when private photos of Rihanna’s battered face make front page news, we have to wonder if we’ve become desensitized to violence against women thus accepting it like it is a new norm. A recent incident on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and the victim blaming afterwards is evidence that we have no longer respect the boundaries between the sexes.

    “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore found herself being confronted by Christopher Williams who stood up to address her in a room of her peers. Fellow cast mate Porsha kindly asked him to sit down but his wife Natalie insisted that he stand to deliver his message. Kenya evened the playing field by rising to meet his aggressive stance. According to Kenya, she began to walk toward Natalie instead of arguing with Christopher who was in her face. He violently grabbed her arm trying to “restrain” her and she jerked away. Her friend Brandon, who she brought to the “Pillow Talk” event instead of a mate, stepped in to defend her.

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    “He’s unpredictable,” Kenya told us during a candid sit-down referring to Christopher Williams. “I didn’t know what he planned on doing. I didn’t know what was in his hand. He just had this nervous energy, like he was preparing for battle. He was sipping something and putting it down, talking to the floor and then said something like, ‘Yeah, I know what’s about to go down.’”

    NeNe Leakes vehemently blamed Kenya for the altercation, citing her standing motion as the catalyst to the brawl though it was very clear she instigated the altercation that ultimately led to Brandon’s bruised rib and face.

    According to NeNe:

    Christopher had a question in his hand that he wanted to answer standing up for reasons unbeknownst to me! I walked past Christopher and took my seat! He then began to speak to Kenya about the false accusations Kenya had told his wife. Chris’s wife Natalie started saying “don’t back paddle now” and Kenya got up and charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?). Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own!

    But Kenya has a very different version of the events. “NeNe set the tone for that room, she kept making people answer questions. We said we were already past that, but she kept making it an issue, egging people on,” she said. Many questioned if NeNe and anyone else in the room were “geeked up.” Kenya said she was not with NeNe prior to the incident but admitted that she had never seen her “behave in such an erratic manner” and agrees that “there was something different about her that night.” In terms of Christopher, “You can just go to any YouTube video and see the tweaking and facial muscles twitching and the skin and all that. You can decide for yourself what he’s been up to.”

    Christopher has a history of alleged domestic abuse. “He was said to have been hitting Halle Berry,” Kenya recalled. “He came out and said he doesn’t do those things. Find the article where she said it was not Wesley. You do that math. He’s known for violence. He lost his deal because of his temper and violence, so that speaks for itself.” Yet, we find it odd that NeNe, who is close friends with Christopher and Natalie, neglected to see him as the aggressor in the situation.

    “When you’re someone like NeNe, who I think we’ve seen on Celebrity Apprentice, fight for a charity about stopping domestic violence and you say to a woman, you’re lucky you didn’t get your a** beat and that queen got what he deserved. What message are you sending to people?” Kenya questioned. “And you say that you don’t condone violence, but you are because you’re saying that it’s justified. You’re saying because I stood up, I’m lucky I didn’t get my a** beat.”

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    18 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Speaks: NeNe Leakes Supports Violence Against Women [EXCLUSIVE]

    1. I just read that Phaedra may not be coming back to the show and I am hoping Kandi will leave cuz I can’t imagine Kandi hanging out with any of the rest of them. Kandi has so much going for her and Image is everything even though the Old ThUgs NeNe Cynthia Peter Ugly ass Natalie and Christopher all think their behavior is acceptable. If Kandi leaves the show it will be full of a bunch of Old washed up Thugs

    2. It’s a TV show. Yes it was edited. Nene stated that the questions that were being asked were not her own and I believe her… The producers of this show wanted a ratings buster and they created a perfect scenario for an altercation…. Who is to blame? They all are… They are pawns and Bravo is not compensating any of them enough to be on TV acting a fool… Not as a scripted character but as representations of themselves. The usual cattiness that exists when women assemble was enough drama for me. Adding Kenya to the bunch cheapens their brand… She is putting on for the cameras and it is far from authentic. It is evident that she does not really live in ATL, she is unpleasant to work with, as 95% of her scences are filmed with her other friends. If a room full of people says she escalated the situation I will believe the people who were there. Bravo can only show so much! She is such a mean spirited, miserable person and is making the show unbearable to watch

    3. I must agree that this past show of RHOA has been nothing less than an embarrassment to our race. I was elevated to know and support the cast being all brown girls. I even understood the shade and tea (gossip) but when people are threaten and you start exchanging punches, now you have crossed the line. Now let us NOT forget Kenya Moore threaten to knock Phaedra’s baby out her stomach. Therefore, we can’t be afraid to assume there is some level of violence in her character. Yes, Ne-Ne should own her part in the recent conflict. However, we should be reminded how it all started when Cynthia shared what was told to her by Natalie on the trip to the winery. Now ALL the ladies said Kendra “charged” at Natalie and you all can believe that there was “no editing” if you like, of course there was editing, it’s always editing done, we will never see raw taping on any show. Come on people, let’s not be misled, for all the ladies to say there was a charge then I believe them and I believe there was editing done to slow down the charge towards Natalie. Kendra needs to own her part in this just as much as the other ladies because Kendra was just as involved as they were.

    4. Kenya is not totally to blame. Nene instigated that mess and I really think nene is jealous of Kenya. She’s always coming for her. Yeah…Kenya can act a little loopy at times but I like the fact that Kenya will not let any of them just walk all over her. Apollo should be worried about his future prison sentence instead of beating up on people. Christopher Williams is a crack head and has anger management problems. Until he actually saw Kenya put her hands on Nathalie he should have kept his hands to himself! I’m team Kenya on this one. And Hollywood ain’t thinking about Nene. That’s why she’s trying to secure and keep herself relevant on RHOA.

    5. Can we not see that Hollywood is making complete idiots out of our peeps. White people just sit back and laugh and we just spoon feed it to them.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

    6. They need to get rid if Nene and Kenya. Kenya is so Nasty ( kissing a dog ). Also, she ‘s jeslous of those that has a Spouse. Nene has got the big head and she needs to get rid of that Blonde Hair !

    7. I used to like Nene, not anymore. She is definitely turning into a bully. Kenya is more beautiful, secure and has such a presence. Maybe Nene is jealous…

    8. I think it’s a shame to see African American act this way on TV our kids are watching we’re already labeled as aggressive. Kenya from watching this show u always start the drama and play innocent. Nene I loved u and where you’re going I think u need to get off that show if u still want to work in Hollywood and stop over doing it be Nene who we fell in love with from the beginning.

    9. I totally agree with iann11. “Cancel this BULL____ right now! It’s truly a shame that some people do not give a damn how they’re seen to the public! SMH!!!”

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    11. This is the same Kenya who threatened to knock a 9 months pregnant Phaedra Park’s teeth out? She was climbing all over Nene when she first came on the show. Stop cooning for Andy Cohen.

    12. The entire thing was crazy.

      NeNe should take some responsibility but can someone please put a YouTube together of Kenya’s constant non-sense. She is an instigator and she does it for attention. She always wants to play the poor victim. Oh poor me, my mom did this, my man did that.

      Kenya – Get your life.

      To paraphrase Iyanla V…You bring to you, what you are… You bring the drama and you are the drama.

      Too bad she can’t truly act or she’d still be in LA.

      Washed up beauty queen, narcissistic, psycho.

    13. Kenya, you got up and charged after Natalie to get up in her face and you know it. Nene is not to blame for you getting up out of your seat, for Christopher stopping you and for Apollo tearing your friend up who always seems he has to prove his manhood when it comes to you. Everyone is grown and responsible for their own actions. Girl bye. Get over yourself.

      • Clearly you are one of the Kenya haters. Anyone looking at that scene with an unbiased eye can see that Kenya was not at fault. As the writer of this article stated at the end, “what would you have done if it were you in Kenya’s place” If I was approached the way CW approached her talking nonsense about her not taking her pill, I too would have stood up. And if he had grabbed my arm the way he grabbed hers, I too would have yanked away and ask him not to touch me. The only thing Kenya was going to do was speak her piece to CW’s wife and twirl back to her seat. She is not violent. Nene on the other hand clearly arranged that entire event to get stuff popped off, why would she invite those two couples otherwise. I blame Nene, Greg and Apollo for the melee.

        • Stop riding Kenya’s coattail.Everyone is grown and responsible for their own actions. Why did Kenya have to get up to get in someone’s face to make a point?Christopher nor his wife got up in Kenya’s face or attempted to in order to make their points. Sticks and stones may break my bones…’re intelligent, fill in the rest.

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