HIV-Positive Man Allegedly Videotaped Himself Having Sex With Victims

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  • An HIV-positive Missouri man is accused of having sex more than 30 unsuspecting individuals, potentially exposing them to the disease. What’s more, prosecutors told News 4 that he videotaped some of the encounters.

    Authorities in St. Charles, Mo., charged Michael Johnson, 22, with exposing sexual partners to HIV in October. During their investigation, police discovered videos of Johnson having sex with his alleged victims. Many of the videos were recorded on the campus of Lindenwood University, where Johnson was a student.

    It is likely that many of the women did not know Johnson was infected or that they were being recorded, law enforcement authorities said. St. Charles County prosecutor Tim Lohmar told News 4 that 32 videos of Johnson having sex with 31 people were found on a laptop and that many of videos were shot in his dorm room over a 4-month period.

    Right now, Lohmar wants any potential victims to come forward immediately to ensure the safety of the alleged victims and those with whom they may have had a sexual encounter. Lindenwood University school officials are assisting law enforcement with identifying victims. The university said they had no idea the videos existed until recently.

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    12 thoughts on “HIV-Positive Man Allegedly Videotaped Himself Having Sex With Victims

    1. its so sad that he would expose himself to innocent women like that. He just destroyed their lives without them even knowing. I know that if you unprotected sex and not knowing is one thing, but he KNOWS.

    2. Come on people what r u guys doing just having sex for fun? Its safe sex or just say no…..Dam you can die…Don’t you care.This makes me sick.,..

    3. Another case of why waste money on a trial, you already know he’s guilty. As for the victimes, hopefully they’re not infected but seriously, in this day and age you should know to insists on condoms.

    4. This is why I hate all you racists tards here. The problem is not race. Yes, their is some biases and racism in the media that show allot of black crime. Yes, their is allot of serious crimes done by black people. But that is not the point.

      There is always an excuse, a problem. If not race? Gender. If not gender? Sexuality. Maybe not sexuality? Then its religion. No matter what, people like you will always blame it on the other side.

      The problem here is not this black man-it’s humanity in general. Humans are disgusting creatures that do very cruel things. Start seeing humanity as part of a whole-because we all, do horrible things.

      As for this assh’le here? I don’t even know. Put him in a 6×6 and leave him there to rot.

    5. Wow I had a blast looking at 48 hours Saturday where a white man killed his wife and his son. I had a ball seeing all of those white folks getting some of that free 9/11 money talking about they were sick but on a boat sailing, surfing all over the place. Was that welfare, handout or a subsidy? Can’t wait for bridge gate in New Jersey where white folks tied up traffic for 4 days because of an election. Last but not least why did I go to Barnes and Nobles and see the book of the worst crimes ever committed with white faces all over the cover. White on white crime move along peeps.

      • Ahhh…I see what you did there with the white on white crime thing. That was clever. However, you miss the point. The white man outnumbers us in the United States by more the 3:1, so we should expect to see him commit more crimes than us by nearly the same ratio but that is not the case. According to the DOJ blacks are committing serious crimes at a rate commensurate with 85 percent of all violent crimes in the country. That is alarming. Now, this black man running around spreading the HIV is appalling but now a violent crime- I just can’t believe that he was getting that much poon in a relatively short period.

        • John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahner, Susan Smith, Son of Sam and Timothy McVeigh blew up a whole building. Folks can’t even go to the movies because white folks mad someone is texting. Didn’t those Columbine boys start shooting up in the high schools. White folks betta not sleep their kids might kill them. Remember the ?Mendendez kids and Sandy Hook. I could go on about white on white crime but my arm might fall off.

        • But wouldn’t that be expected when you have an unjust justice system that is also racist towards minorities. How many blacks are let off with a warning? Can get off because of an “Affluenza” defense? Where do they usually patrol and leave bait cars? Do you really think if the police left a car in a white neighborhood where there are young white males with the key in the ignition and the car door opened that they wouldn’t take it for a joyride? How often are whites stopped and frisked? Blacks are labeled as “suspicious” just because of the color of their skin, so I’m not shocked by those bogus statistics. Hell they are the ones that write them.

      • Since Lindenwood is not an HBCU, I am betting that the majority of those victims are snow. Which, negates your black on black crime theory.

    6. If you’re having sex with anyone in this day and age without protection, you can’t be surprised when the results come back not in your favor.

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