Case Of N.C. Cop Who Killed Jonathan Ferrell Going To Grand Jury

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“But I can tell you that those shots were in such close proximity that Jonathan never had an opportunity to reply. He had bullets in him before he could ever hit the ground. So there was not sufficient warning. No one ever told him to stop. He didn’t have time to react,” he said.

The results of Ferrell‘s toxicology report prove that he was not under the influence of alcohol or any drugs when he was gunned down by Kerrick.

He autopsy report concluded that cause of death was multiple gunshots wounds to the chest.

“This confirms everything we’ve been saying since the day that Jonathan was killed: That this was an All-American guy who gave a friend a ride home and was just trying to get home himself when he had a car accident. And when he was runs to the officer for help, the officer shoots him 10 times,” said family attorney Chris Chestnut in a statement to The Associated Press.

Kerrick is still on paid leave pending the conclusion of the police department’s investigation.

The case against Kerrick will go before a grand jury on January 21.

According to a spokesman for the Ferrell family attorney, the grieving family is expected to announce plans to file a civil lawsuit on Tuesday against Kerrick, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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One thought on “Case Of N.C. Cop Who Killed Jonathan Ferrell Going To Grand Jury

  1. Let’s try to impart some logic here. I know it’s not the BAW way, but humor me. A white woman slams her door hysterically in my face. Oh snap she prolly gonna call the po-po. They will arrive quickly on the scene armed with the notion that a black man, me, just attempted a break-in. That ain’t true, but perception is reality. Oh look, there the po-po now, I recognize those blue and red light on top the cars. Do I, A) assume a non hostile posture, with hand in clear sight, speak clearly, and listen for any order that may be forthcoming. OR B) Move at them swiftly without identifying myself or my intentions?
    The Scholar puts forth the hard questions, because he know there is no easy answers. Haters like Danika will not reach for her race card, because it’s always in hand ready to toss. The more cerebral members will engage in thoughtful dialog to try to decipher that fateful evening. BTW, nothing good happens at 3am
    Holla’ at the Scholar

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