Woman Sues Home Developer For Failing To Disclose Racist Neighbor From Hell

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According to documents filed in Atlantic County Court, Potter began his harassing ways soon after Phoenix moved in.  Potter allegedly made “death threats to plaintiff’s sister, spit in the direction of Phoenix’s family members, made snide and racist comments about plaintiff, has taken pictures of plaintiff’s guests and stared them down in attempts to intimidate them and continued blocking plaintiff’s driveway with his parked cars.”

The complaint also describes how Phoenix is so “afraid to leave her home” and “is constantly living in fear” that she was forced to hire a security guard because the family was also allegedly stalked by Potter. Phoenix claims that her security guard was even harassed by Potter, who once reportedly followed the employee for 15 miles on the freeway.

Phoenix is reportedly seeking damages for fraud, consumer fraud, misrepresentations and omissions, and violations of New Jersey’s Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act.

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Originally seen on http://newsone.com/

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13 thoughts on “Woman Sues Home Developer For Failing To Disclose Racist Neighbor From Hell

  1. It is criminal action. There are laws against stalking & harrassment at the least on both a state & Federal level.

    And just because it is in the articles does not mean this woman hasn’t taken those necessary steps!

    Just because “enquiring minds wants to know” doesn’t mean they get to know.

  2. Another typical one sided story from BAW to incite hatred for Whitey. Only half the story was told, but that’s plenty for the BAW sheep.
    Holla at the Scholar

  3. Sorry, this woman IMO does not have a case against the developer. It is in no way Lennar’s responsibility to police, report or represent the personality or character traits of individuals they sell to. This is strictly a one on one civil matter where this woman needs to call the police every single day if necessary & document her case to nail this guy to the wall (if he’s guilty). Do the people of Cleveland have a case vs. their realtor because Castro held 3 young women captive for yrs.?

      • Bump this! I was attempting to leave a detailed & rather lengthy response to a reply & my entire comment got eaten by an ill timed “refresh cycle”. I thought the Huffington Post was bad. Someone needs to fix this so well thought out responses can be allowed for fair sided conversations..

  4. She has money to hire a security guard? What does the security guard do, stand outside her home and watch the racist neighbors house? Something doesn’t sound right.

  5. Ms Logan-you have left out a lot of information in this story. It just can’t be complete. What has happen to the neighbor? Why hasn’t she sue him also-for harassment? What has she said to the neighbor? There are several key factors that you did not address.If you are only going to give half of the info-don’t print the story

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