CeCe McDonald: Transgender Black Woman To Be Released From Prison Early

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  • CeCe McDonald (pictured), a transgender woman whose murder case received national attention, will be released from prison next week, according to MSNBC.

    In June 2011, McDonald was walking to a grocery in Minneapolis with friends when McDonald claimed a man and two women began verbally harassing them with racist and homophobic slurs. 

    “Oh you fa**ots, you ni**er lovers, and whoop-de-woo, you ain’t nothing but a bunch of ni**ger babies,” Larry Tyaries Thomas, one of  McDonald’s friends, recalled one of the assailants saying to them during a police interview.

    Thomas claims he approached Dean Schmitz, the man in the group.

    “I backed into the middle of the street, drop my belt like I am ready to fight. He just walk[ed] off. And that’s when he started talking this stuff, like, ‘Oh, look at the tranny over there, look at that tranny,’” Thomas said, according to City Pages.

    One of the women then threw a glass at McDonald, hitting her in the face and causing a deep laceration on her cheek.

    “I’ll take all three of you bit**es on!” Molly Flaherty, Schmitz’s ex-girlfriend, allegedly screamed, according to Jenny Thoreson, who accompanied the two.

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