Dad Overpays Outstanding Child Support And Still Winds Up In Jail

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  • Clifford Hall  is certainly no deadbeat dad, yet he was slapped with a 180-day sentence for overpaying his child support, reports My Fox Houston.

    According to family court documents, Hall was reportedly delinquent on his child support payments, owing some $3,000 for his 11-year-old son. Yet, the dutiful dad had actually been meeting his obligation as the payments were being withheld by his employer.

    The original child support agreement Hall had with his unidentified ex was somehow modified and no one bothered to tell him. Hall’s employer deducted child support payments from his check that, according to his attorney Tyesha Elam, were all over the place.

    “I discovered for some reason his employer was withholding a large amount some weeks, a small amount some weeks, a zero amount some weeks.”

    When Hall and his ex stood before Judge Lisa Millard’s court last November, he was informed twice that he owed his ex no monies.

    However, Hall’s ex wife’s attorney argued that his client wanted him to pay her $3,000 legal tab and the judge agreed.  According to the court papers, Hall was also being accused of failing to follow the visitation agreement that had been put in place. Hall also claims that the visitation had also been modified, again, without his knowledge.

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    9 thoughts on “Dad Overpays Outstanding Child Support And Still Winds Up In Jail

    1. This is exactly why we have dead beat daddy’s in this world that hide from the mother and the child. He did what he was supposed to do.

    2. There should be a class action lawsuit against the Friend of the Court nationally …for reform and punishment for all the mistakes and unethical practices it and it’s employees do to people…Lawyers, any takers…?

    3. Wow let’s see he goes to jail loses everthing and the state then takes care of him in jail!!! How ignorant is this???? When he gets out he now probably has no job no where to live but i guess the stupid judge made her point huh????

    4. There are cases like this and worst than this (such as mine) all over America..and most are powerless to do anything about It because we can’t afford lawyers and in some cases the lawyers are powerless. Friend of the Court needs to be exposed for the fraud it is…

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