NYPD Watchdog Group Prosecutes Officer In First Stop-and-Frisk Case

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Goris then handcuffed Martin tightly and took him to a nearby precinct, court papers allege. The officers refused a request by Martin to wait for his wife, because their car was parked nearby with the keys inside and the engine still running. By the time Martin’s wife returned, the car was gone, the papers said. Martin received a summons for disorderly conduct that was eventually thrown out. This March, he filed lawsuits against Goris and the NYPD.

The review board answered an abuse of authority complaint Martin filed earlier this year. In addition to prosecuting the disciplinary trial against Goris, the CCRB also has the authority to offer recommendations for his sentence.

This power comes as a result of the NYPD granting the board more authoritative oversight this past spring. Before hand, they simply forwarded their findings to the department; a departmental prosecutor would then present the case to a judge.

“I’m glad the CCRB is taking this role.” said Alan Levine, Martin’s lawyer. Though the board has more pull, the police commissioner still has to authorize any punishments, and has the power to alter them at his desire.

“He’s contesting all the allegations against him and is looking forward to his opportunity to be heard.” commented Mitch Garber, Goris’ lawyer for Martin’s lawsuit.


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