Michigan Passes Horrific ‘Rape Insurance’ Bill [VIDEO]

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Whitmer took her conviction a step farther and opened up about her experience in being raped:

“I’m about to tell you something I’ve not shared with many people in my life. But over 20 years ago I was a victim of rape. And thank god it didn’t result in a pregnancy. Because I can’t imagine going through what I went through and then having to consider what to do about an unwanted pregnancy from an attacker. If this were law then and I had become pregnant, I would not be able to have coverage because of this. How extreme does this measure need to be? I’m not the only woman in our state that has faced that horrible circumstance…. I think you need to see the face of the women you are impacting by this vote today.”

Only 3.3 percent of abortions in Michigan are currently covered by insurance, according to statistics analyzed by the Associated Press. The votes for “rape insurance” added Michigan to the eight states that already have laws restricting abortion coverage in private insurance plans. Women on the state’s Medicaid are already barred from using it to cover abortion except in very narrow cases. SMH. Our bodies, our choice?

What do you beauties think about this “rape insurance” bill?


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