GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO! Steve Wilson Kicks Sharkeisha’s Parents Out of the Community [EXCLUSIVE]

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  • Last week, a video from WorldStarHipHop went viral and it got Steve Wilson’s attention, and not in a good way! The video of the vicious attack has been viewed nearly 12 million times and memes ridiculing the incident have sprouted up all over social media.

    If you missed the story, a 17-year-old Texas teen, known only as Sharkeisha, is shown sucker-punching her best friend, ShaMichael Manuel, over a boy. Sharkeisha, who has a record of violence, has since been arrested as a result of her actions in the video.

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    10 thoughts on “GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO! Steve Wilson Kicks Sharkeisha’s Parents Out of the Community [EXCLUSIVE]

    1. Everyone knows that “Jiggy5″ is not of color. His goal is to post comments for which he lacks courage to say out loud. Don’t feed the trolls. Just pray for him. How sad he must be inside.

    2. Stop acting like the internet isn’t full of WHITE GIRLS doing the same shyt, with their trailer park, stringy hair, smelling like dogs mammies standing their cheering them on!!! So, STFU with that garbage!

        • Reno , your finger waving, neck snappin’ loud azz Ho mouth is a testament to the modern day black woman. I hope your proud. Now get to steppin’.
          Holla’ at the Scholar

      • Be honest with yourself. You know NOBODY is interested in the type of white girl you alluded to- and the internet is not full of them either. Besides, the excuse of “..white girls do it too…” only serves to suggest that it is somehow okay. If a white girl jumped off a bridge…?

    3. This is why black women get shot on strangers porches at 3am. Animals, pure and simple. Sharkeisha OMG. And we have the audacity to come down on Zimmermem. Get our own house straight first. Damm Peeps.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

      • How is yo gonna talk about black women getting shot when white women can’t even function on a $7.50 an hour job at Wendy’s without leaving a blunt in the burger and trying to scam Home Depot outta a lot of money by gluing her butt to a commode. Lazy and trifling.

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