Little Known Black History Fact: Patrick Barclay

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  • Patrick G. Barclay has become the first American and only African American to earn the Master of Chinese Civil and Commercial Law degree from Renmin University of China. Renmin University is ranked as the best law school in China by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Barclay spent two years completing his courses and thesis and was the first to graduate. His class consisted of eight students, half of which were American. Amazingly, Barclay is not fluent in the Chinese language and relied on the kindness of his Chinese- speaking classmates to get him through portions of the curriculum.

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    7 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Patrick Barclay

    1. I was wondering if this is the same Patrick Barclay that attended Beloit College in Beloit Wisconsin. If so, can anybody tell me how to get in touch with him? It would be so awesome to reconnect after all these years.

    2. This could be connection between China and the US, also explors a new way for the communication. And it’s so precious to gain a degree oversea in such age. With my great respect and support!

    3. Why on Earth would you put this as a black history little known fact? You might as well print every black person who ever gets a little known academic degree. This is interesting but does not make the grade in my opinion. At least he could learn Chinese.

    4. Thank you for posting this about Patrick Barclay. However, Patrick was born and raised on the West Side & South Side of Chicago, where he attended public school, graduating 8th grade from Manley Upper Grade Center (now Manley Career Academy High School) and Lindbloom High School in 1977.

    5. I Be dammm! Blacks way over there in China making history! The Black History Facts yall be putting-down should be mandatory curriculum from kindergarten to college!!!

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