Autopsy: TSA Officer Shot 12 Times In LAX Attack

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“They were doing their damndest to try to save his life. Hats off to them,” Winter said. “Honestly, I would hope that they would work on anybody if they’re not sure. But he was gone.”

Authorities have said Paul Ciancia, 23, had a vendetta against the federal government and was targeting TSA officers when he pulled a semi-automatic rifle from a bag and shot Hernandez. Two other TSA employees and an airline passenger were wounded before airport police shot Ciancia.

The Associated Press previously reported that Hernandez lay on the floor for 33 minutes before he was rushed to an ambulance outside, even though Ciancia had been subdued within five minutes.

The lack of quicker aid at the airport prompted the head of the TSA officers’ union, J. David Cox Sr., to say he was appalled, and a local union official said a more timely response might have saved Hernandez’s life.

Several agencies are investigating the response to the incident, including whether paramedics should have been allowed into the terminal sooner to attend to the wounded.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating whether one of its officers improperly told other responders that Hernandez was dead when he checked on him five minutes after the shooting.

Ciancia, who was released from the hospital this week, has been charged with murder. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

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