Mean Moms Bash ‘Ugly Babies’ In Secret Facebook Group

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Antenucci said that after one mother accidentally discovered the thread three weeks ago, she took screen shots of the postings and passed them on. Antenucci and others began copying and pasting the postings to shame the mean moms.

One mother of a toddler who was jeered at posted a picture of her as a newborn in the intensive care unit and wrote, “This is MY DAUGHTER that is being made fun of because she is delayed…so funny, huh? Sick (expletive).

Once the secret group began to receive publicity, many of the mothers deactivated their accounts. But one fired back, saying, “THIS IS FACEBOOK, NOT THE SALEM WITCH HUNT….THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY AND I WAS LAUGHING BECAUSE IT WAS FUNNY….THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS, NEXT.”

Click here to watch WESH news report.


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